Glasgow Horror Fest is a Scottish horror festival founded by Popcorn Horror ( Since launching in 2015, the festival has grown to include dates outside the main Halloween event; including events celebrating , Women in Horror Month, and a 'bite size' edition of the main festival.

Glasgow Horror Fest brings together the best independent horror the industry has to offer. Previous feature films screened at the festival include award-winning folk horror 'DOGGED', Scottish ground-breaker 'THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS', brutal true crime inspired film 'CRUEL SUMMER' and eerie documentary 'BELLA IN THE WYTCH ELM'. The festival also hosts short film programs showcasing innovative and terrifying short scares.

Glasgow Horror Fest is divided into multiple events throughout the year. To simplify submission for 2020, we have only two categories - horror shorts and horror features. Judges will decide on the event most suited for each film, and will notify submitters ahead of the screening. The status will change for all films, and notify those not accepted after the final film event of 2020.


Bite Size (April/May) - One-day version of the original Glasgow Horror Fest with feature films, short film programs and more.

Glasgow Horror Fest (October) - The original festival taking place over the Halloween season. The festival combines traditional film fests with convention, interactive and seasonal experiences. Film line up includes features and shorts programs.

Glasgow Horror Fest Bite Size (April/May):
- Best Horror Short
- Honorable Mention

- Best Horror Feature
- Honorable Mention

Glasgow Horror Fest (October):
- Best Horror Short
- Honorable Mention

- Best Horror Feature
- Honorable Mention

All films must be in the horror genre. Sub-genres, such as horror-comedy, body horror, psychological horror, monster movie etc. are also very welcome. Animated horror films are welcomed, and may be traditionally animated, stop-motion, computer animation.

Films submitted for the BEST HORROR SHORT category must be between 3 and 21 minutes in length.

Films submitted to BEST HORROR FEATURE should not exceed two hours.

We warmly welcome blood, pus and gore but we will not accept any project containing sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism. Horror is for everyone to enjoy!

Overall Rating
  • To my opinion the best horror festival in the UK.
    I'm very grateful to have been part of this amazing event.

    November 2019
  • Thank you for screening our episode Exorcism For Beginners at your excellent Bite Size event!

    November 2019
  • a Great fest full of love and professional people. Hope be there again

    November 2019
  • Ashley Dick

    Super fun, really interesting films shown and great atmosphere.

    May 2018
  • Tom Rutter

    Absolutely spot-on festival run by true fans of the genre. They handled my film with care and respect and really made me feel great to be a part of their brilliant event. Can't recommend enough to film-makers and festy goers alike.

    April 2018