All the world’s waters are connected.Each of us have stories about water—rivers, oceans, streams, rain, and storm. We are dedicated to acknowledging our vital and continuing connection to, and preservation of, the waters closest to us.

​Gifts For The River Film Festival seeks to celebrate our relationship with the land and waterways that sustain us. To celebrate the artists and filmmakers who are in intentional relationship with the natural world and utilize their medium to create awareness about the issues that threaten Mother Earth as well as celebrate the ongoing resilience of Turtle Island and the peoples who care for it.

Indigenous Filmmaker Award
Student Filmmaker Award
Michigan-based Filmmaker Award

All films should be directly related to the theme of water, water rights, and water sovereignty. Films will not be accepted if they have had a commercial release. Filmmakers being considered for the Indigenous Filmmaker Award must be of Indigenous descent. Filmmakers being considered for Student Filmmaker Award must be currently enrolled in an educational institution, tribal college, or learning center. Filmmakers being considered for Michigan-based Filmmaker Award must currently reside in what is now known as Michigan State or Council of the Three Fires Territory. By submitting information through this form you acknowledge that you have all necessary rights for the display of this work.

Overall Rating
  • julia blagny

    Very happy that "Be Water" was part of this great event that shows all the struggles and communities that are built around water. Thank you for your work and comitment.

    April 2022
  • Krista Davis

    This review is perhaps more of a thank-you to the festival for centering films and stories about our rivers. It felt meaningful to be a part of the festival. Communication was also great, as was filmmaker engagement.

    April 2022