The Geelong Pride Film Festival (GPFF) in an emerging LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Gender Diverse, Intersex and Queer) film festival in Geelong, Australia. Our non-profit community-run festival screens contemporary and classic LGBTIQ+ themed films in Geelong during an inclusive film festival for the whole community. In addition to our annual festival we host special one-off screenings throughout the year.

We screen a diverse mix of LGBTIQ+ feature films, short films, feature documentaries, short documentaries from across the world.

Geelong Pride Film Festival includes venue-based screenings in cinemas and theatres and selected online screenings. Cinema screenings are presented at The Pivotonian Cinema in South Geelong, Village Cinemas Geelong. Feature screenings are presented at Platform Arts theatre in central Geelong. Online screenings use the CineSend platform for secure, location and time restricted viewing.

Occasional prizes and commissions may be awarded. Past awards have included:

- Best Short Film Concept
- Best Short Film Screenplay
- GPFF Uplift Award
- Best Production Design
- Student Filmmaker Award
- Best LGBTIQ+ Documentary or Non-fiction Short Film

Previous recipients include:

Early Career LGBTIQA+ Film Maker - Best Short Film Concept - Harriet Crawford - inaugural recipient of the GPFF for ‘THE WEDDING PLAN’
LGBTIQ+ Screenplay Commission - Joshua Machucafor 'LOVE LOCKS'
LGBTIQ+ Screenplay Commission - Andrew Blogg for 'DARYL'
Geelong Pride Film Festival Uplift Award 2019 - Daniel Orfali (Director/Writer) Megan Ellis (Producer) Aaron Drew (Cinematographer) Primrose Wohlers (Production Designer) Mitchell Scott (Sound Designer) and Evelyn Porras (Editor) - for 'LIFE IS FINE'
Geelong Pride Film Festival Uplift Award 2021 - Jessica Smith (Director/Writer) January Jones and Jessica Smith (Producers) Sky Davies (Director of Photography) - for 'THE TEST'
Production Design Award 2021 - Zino Bakker, Hartenprins
Best Documentary Film 2021 - Roberto Nascimento, Leeway
Student Filmmaker Award 2021 - Tayla Burton, Nikau

1. Geelong Pride Film Festival (GPFF) accepts submissions for feature films, short films, feature documentaries, short documentaries, animation, web series, student films. Films should explore themes relevant to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse, Queer, Intersex people and their allies. The April 2021 Festival will focus on short films. A limited selection of feature films may also be considered

2. Films must include representation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse, Intersex or Queer people or themes relevant to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse, Intersex or Queer people.

3. Films should be submitted with an online screener. Viewing material is accepted via an online link (please provide a password if required) or via file download.

4. Films with dialogue in a language other than English should have captions in English.

5. Films with dialogue in English should provide captions in English if available or should indicate if capions are available.

6. Films may be screened in a cinema or online via a secure platform.

7. Online films are streamed using a secure platform. H.264 video files encoded at 10-20 Mbps. 1920x1080 resolution (23.98, 24, 25, or 29.97 progressive) Under 10GB file size.

8. Films screened in cinemas are screened in DCP. Short films may be DCP, MP4, .Mov ProRes or other convertible formats.

6. We do not have a premiere policy.

7. GPFF may use images and trailers from films selected for screening for marketing purposes (online and print media).

8. To support accessible online screenings, captions files (.SRT or .VTT) may be requested if available.

Overall Rating
  • Emma Todd

    I absolutely loved Geelong Pride Film Festival! A wonderful event with a wonderful team - they were very hands on and communicated with us so well- Thank you for allowing us to be part of your festival!

    May 2021