The Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival (GIIFF) is happy to take audiences and moviegoers on a global journey celebrating culture through art and film. Please be a part of this experience by submitting your films for the 7th Annual Garifuna Indigenous International Film Festival.

The GIIFF, currently one of the nation’s most prestigious film festivals celebrating Garifuna, Caribbean and indigenous cultures from around the world will be held on May , 2018 in Venice, California.
Since its launch the GIIFF has showcased a variety of films and documentaries created by Garifuna filmmakers as well as many other indigenous people and has hosted panel discussions, workshops , cultural presentations Award Ceremony. It is in essence a venue that reconciles, entertains and portrays the very diverse and brilliant cultures to participants and attendees of the festival.
Professional panel of judges from the entertainment industry for Awards
Opening night event includes Black Carpet /media coverage!
Closing Night ceremony Black Carpet
Ambassador of Music Awards Live Music and performances
Award Ceremony/ recognitions
Filmmakers Workshops

Engraved Plaques issued!
Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival Award
is a Humanitarian Award for a film or documentary that embodies change in the world that teaches and bring awareness to the causes of the indigenous .

Jury Award
Visionary Award
Best Documentary
Best Narrative
Garifuna Heritage Award
Garifuna International Indigenous Awareness Award
Animation Awareness of culture Award
Indigenous preservation


– Feature films must have been completed prior to April 3, 2017

– World premieres of feature-length films and shorts are a high priority for the Garifuna International Film Festival, but GIFF will also present films and documentaries that have had prior screenings (as long as the subject matter is relevant to GIFF’s mission statement)

– Feature films that have had commercial, theatrical, television or internet play in the US are eligible. We encourage all cultures to participate.

*Indigenous groups with a film/documentary will have the opportunity to qualify for scholarship funding

– Feature films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for Festival consideration and presentation

– Please observe the running time frames for your submission:

Feature-length Fiction and Documentary films 75 – 90 minutes
Short films 20 – 30 minutes
Mid-length short films 45 – 60 minutes)
– Films that have been submitted for consideration in previous years are eligible for re-submission

– Any film or documentary that is relevant to the mission statement of the Garifuna International Film Festival will be accepted. We will accept preview DVDs that are works-in-progress as well as films with temporary soundtracks or digital outputs

– Filmmakers must deliver final projects in DVD format

Screening format for short films:DVD

Screening format for feature films:DVD

Screening format for documentaries:DVD

*University/College filmmakers submission:

At GIIFF, we believe in supporting and encouraging young filmmakers (especially those who are from indigenous cultures ). With this in mind, as of 2016, the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival will be accepting submissions from filmmakers in accredited University/College filmmaking programs.

Overall Rating
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    Divya Hansda

    It's an honor to be a part of this festival. Great opportunity to be exposed to various crowds.

    June 2017
    Giff tm (2)
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations DIVYA hANSDA !
    GIIFF cannot begin to tell you what it means to have you as a filmmaker submit your cultural perspective" Indigenous " to the Garifuna International Indigenous film festival you make us proud in bringing us closer to seeing your world we salute you Divya Hansda and thank you for participating in the success of GIIFF we could not have experienced or celebrated success without your film about your culture ,

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    Nadine Arpin

    Cedar Water Films was very pleased our short Jane & the Wolf was selected for this years festival. We regret we were unable to be in attendance.

    June 2017
    Giff tm (2)
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Cedar Water Films for bringing GIIFF Jane and the Wolf a worthy element of bringing forth the stories of the elders for generations to come .

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    Rony Figueroa

    We at GAHFU, feel honored to have been chosen to debut our documentary Traditional Garifuna Cooking Workshop. The festival was the perfect venue not only to showcase our short but also to learn about other indigenous cultures.

    June 2017
    Giff tm (2)
    Response from festival:

    GAHFU thank you for the work you do supporting the preservation of Garifuna and GIIFF. We were very excited about presenting your short Garifuna Traditional Cooking .

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    Connie Baxter Marlow

    We were honored to have our film "SEEDS OF FREEDOM: A Vision for America" included in this indigenous festival. It is important to showcase the indigenous heart and spirit to awaken the indigenous in all of us - our true nature that is connected to all of life.

    June 2017