The Galaxy Film Festival is dedicated to presenting geek interest films of all types, including documentary, narrative, animation, experimental and fan films. Films with a focus on general geekery, geek interest, geek culture, comics, gaming, animation, anime, manga, science fiction, fantasy, RPG, robotics, technology, and more will be screened. Films will be presented from filmmakers at any stage of their career, including both professionals and amateurs.
The Fall program for the 2019 Galaxy Film Festival will be held November 8th-10th in downtown Minneapolis as part of GALAXYCON MINNEAPOLIS, which will be taking place in the Minneapolis Convention Center.
There will be an additional festival screening taking place in Louisville, Kentucky as part of GalaxyCon LOUISVILLE. The dates will be November 22nd-24th at the Kentucky International Convention Center.
Our programming includes film screenings, panels, Q&As and more!

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria: relevance to subject matter, storytelling (use of structure and imagery), technical filmmaking execution.
Films will be judged and prizes awarded in the following specific categories:
1. Best Feature Film – full or feature-length (over 50 minutes)
2. Best Short Film – short format film (under 50 minutes)
3. Best Student Film (High School/College/Graduate)* - feature or short
4. Audience Choice Award - feature or short form
**College/Graduate: Films produced and directed by students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate college level program.

To be eligible for presentation and judging you MUST PROVIDE A DIGITAL FILE OF YOUR WORK.
No incomplete submissions will be accepted. Final program determinations will be made by October 1st, 2019.
Presentation screeners may not contain prepetual watermarks.
Screeners can be submitted electronically or by mail but please note that we use digital files for screening at the film festival, if you are unwilling or unable to provide a digital file for the festival, please DO NOT submit your film.
Filmmakers – professional and amateur – working in all disciplines and genres including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental are welcome. We are seeking films of geek interest including film with subjects relating to comics, gaming, anime, manga, science fiction, fantasy, RPG, and more. Fan films are also welcome.
To qualify for the Student Competition – Films made by students who are either enrolled in a school, or were enrolled during the films’ production.
For Example; a College/Graduate film student (graduate and under-graduate) would of had to complete their film during their time enrolled in a secondary institution.
This includes international colleges and universities.