GainesCon is now in Las Vegas!! - The Virtual and In-Person Short Film Edition 2!

We make our debut in the beautifiul "Art Houz Theater", located just off the strip.

This is an international film festival geared to the diversity and wonderment of the independent Action Sci-Fi and Horror filmmaker which would be held both virtually and in-person. Details for viewing online will be available on"".

Note: I do review fast so don't be surprise to get a notice within a few days of submitting. :)

As moviemakers myself, I understand the difficulty in completing any film of any size. And I know it’s not just about how much money was spent on a project, but how it was told. It’s about the story and heart applied that brings the audience into your world. Which is why I have a slew of categories for you to apply for.

Within the spirit of independent creativity of all levels, I made a category called “No Budget, No Problem”. This is designed to showcase content with budgets less than $1500.00. When all you have is your passion to tell a story, this ones for you.

You can also send in your screenplay. There is nothing like sitting back and being entertained by the power of the pen!

Having all these amazing content under one event won’t be fitting unless there was a way to award those with exceptional material. So have I created THE DRAGON AWARDS! This beautiful trophy was designed by an amazing illustrator, David Jennings from Ireland with each hand painted by my makeup artist Mrs. Faith Rios, which makes each Dragon unique. It is to convey the strength, passion and vision that goes into every art we create.

1. "The Red Dragon" - For The Best Picture Short.

2. "The Gold Dragon" - This will be given to all the winners except, Costume, Action Sequence and Movie Trailer"

3. "The Dragon Certificate" - This is given to the winners for Best Costume, Action Sequence and Movie Trailer.

So, join us and let's showcase you work to the world!

Best Picture: The "Red Dragon Trophy"

The "Golden Dragon Trophy":
Best Director
Best Male Actor
Best Female Actor
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Score
Best Editing
Best Cinematographer
Best Choreography
Best Horror Short
Best Web-Series
Best Documentary
Best Costume

The "Dragon Certificate"
Best Trailer
Best Action Sequence
Best "No Budget No Problem" short
Best Screenplay

*Dragon Trophy Winners will have the option to "purchase the actual statue" following the virtual ceremony on Dec. 10th, but you'll receive a digital certificate at no cost. Purchase instruction will be sent afterwards.
1. Free Shipping for U.S residents.
2. International residents will be responisible for shipping.

*Dragon Certificate Winners will have their award mailed "free of charge".

Dec 9th - Will be an In-Person & Virtual event.
Dec 10th - Will be Virtual Only.

*Due to the amount of submissions, I may not be able to play every movie during the event. You will receive a notice before the day stating whether your movie will be featured live.

All submissions will be judged on creativity, story, editing, performances and camera work. There are NO GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE.

All submitters will receive a digital laurel and will be listed on the website.

Content must be within the realm of Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.

Movies must have been created, filmed, and completed between 2015 to present.

You must own the rights or have permission to enter the submitted content.

Non-English content must provide Closed Captioning.

All submissions must be made through FilmFreeway. *No DVD, Links or Blu-rays will be accepted.*

All results will be notified by email. Please look in your SPAM in case you don't see any messages in your normal "inbox".

All accepted submissions must provide a link to the trailer and artwork for promotion. No hard copies allowed.


Overall Rating
  • I had a great time at the festival. Barry Gaines put together a fun and eclectic collection of independent films. I'm looking forward to attending the next event.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for being a part of my inaugural Joseph. Winning the “No Budget, No Problem” award was well deserve. I’m looking forward in reviewing your future projects.

  • Russell Thomas

    This is quite a fun first year event. I liked how they were able to LIVE STREAM top talent into the festival and have it at a large theatre! I am looking forward to next years event!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Russell for being a part of my inaugural. I'm looking forward in seeing your new projects. Let's keep the action going!

  • Mark Cheng

    Wonderful Con to be a part of!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Mark for being a part of my first festival. I look forward in reviewing your future work for my next event.

  • Excellent communication! Thank you for making "Ash in Amber" an official selection. I look forward to submitting to future events.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Allison for submitting your work to my inaugural event. Your screenplay was a good read and I can see this making waves as a short film. Kudos!

  • Kevin Croxton

    Gainescon was amazing! Our films screened both in person and online simultaneously, which allowed people to watch from anywhere! One of our fan films, "Batman: The Scheme Is Sound" won the Golden Dragon Award for Best Costumes! What an honor!!! I am currently in pre-production for our elementary music club's next fan film, so it will be a while before it's released, but once it's out, I will be submitting it to Gainescon!!!!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Kevin for being a part of my inaugural. I'm looking forward in seeing what you come up with next. The work your team put into designs for the Batman costumes were impressive. Plus you had the Batmobile...WOW!