The Gadabout Film Festival has had a long standing tradition of DIY ethics matched with talented filmmaking. Since 2002, the Gadabout has been touring with a new batch of films each year, screening an extremely inspiring and talented program of short films. Growing out of a DIY music scene, the Gadabout seeks to prove that “Do-It-Yourself” doesn’t have to mean any lack of quality. With equipment and technology more accessible, filmmaking is a more attainable medium, and yet we typically consume it through very tiny screens with poor audio. So, not only is there a curated element, but there is also respect given to these fantastic short films as they are presented on a big screen with great sound!

The Gadabout has screened it's programs in more then 120 cities across 15 different countries.

We kick-off our year with a larger weekend festival in our hometown of Bloomington, IN. This year we are partnering with The Buskirk-Chumley Theater to bring our newest curated program to a historic cinema location.

The Gadabout is NOT a competition. We celebrate short film. We tour with an hour program, so our curation is very strict. We aim to put together the best possible hour of short films we can. So, in a way, being accepted is the award, and the prize is having your short screened in multiple cities around the world.


-We accept any genre of film, music video, web video, documentary, etc.
-The shorter the better: 30 sec -10 minutes.
-No limit on submissions, or production date, so feel free to submit a few things you have.
-Non-English accepted w/ english subtitles.

Short films have such a short life span, and sometimes when you think a short is not relevant, there is a whole audience of folks who have not seen it yet. We strive to create a program that is diverse in content. While we have no general theme for the festival, we tend to have a program that consists of well-paced short films that truly feel like they were made for the sake of that film alone. We don't tend to accept films that are "stepping-stone" shorts for fundraising, or overly "film festy" shorts with a lot of dialogue that are short on narrative. We strive to have a entertaining and intriguing collection of shorts that leave folks wanting more!