G - Short is a short film festival held as part of the George Town Festival to celebrate the endless imagination and possibilities a 90-second short film can bring about. Following the resounding success of the inaugural edition in 2021, G-Short returns for the second edition in July 2022.

Themed “Pause”, with the tagline “Short Yet Powerful”, G-Short was conceived to encourage filmmakers to create short-form and original films, unleashing their creativity and innovation to tell stories in new ways through its 90-second short film competition. It also serves as an easily accessible platform for the up-and-coming filmmakers to get noticed and to refine their styles.

We believe that good stories come in all lengths. You might find one best told in 90 seconds, and a moment that speaks to your heart shall be shared with the world. No matter if you are a filmmaker, film lover, or layperson, you are welcomed to step up to “film” your thoughts, conveying short yet impactful, strong messages to the audiences in 90 seconds.

A host of sharing sessions and public screenings will be held alongside the film festival. Stay tuned!

1. No entry fee is required to take part in the contest.

2. All individuals aged 18 years old and above at the time of entry may enter, be accepted into and compete as a finalist in the contest.

3. Each entry shall comprise a short film which is not longer than 90 seconds in length, including the title and credits. There is no minimum running time.

4. The short film must be submitted in the following formats:-
• Standard: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
• Aspect: 16:9
• Audio: Stereo, Sample Rate 48 khz (128 kbps)
• Media Format: MP4, MOV, AVI
• Maximum File Size: 500 MB

5. Any subject matter, genre, style, or language is acceptable. For non-English language films, English subtitles would be required. (Please refer to the terms & conditions for the guidelines on subtitling.)

6. Submit your short film using the form below. Each contestant must provide a download link to the short film. Tip: Upload the short film onto a private server or a secure sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It is recommended to provide a shareable link that any account can download, or else please grant the download permission to g-short@georgetownfestival.com.

7. There is no restriction to the number of short films that can be submitted by each contestant.

8. Each short film must have been produced after 1 January 2022.

9. The short film entries shall not contain any profanity, nudity, pornographic images or explicit sexual themes, graphic violence, defamatory or libellous statements or material considered illegal. Entries containing such elements will be automatically disqualified.

10. All contestants may only use original music for the films or any royalty-free music available online.

11. The organiser shall not be liable for any loss, damages, claims, costs, or expenses incurred during the production of the short film.

12. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting. All contestants should agree to these terms and conditions, which authorise the organiser to upload and promote the short film entries as part of the George Town Festival’s programmes.

13. All short films must be submitted by 24 April 2022 (Sunday), 11.59pm (GMT+8). Submission after the deadline will not be entertained.

Download the terms and conditions at https://bit.ly/3G6RkQi.

Overall Rating
  • hamed nobari

    last year(2021) my film(The small red, the big blue) won jury speciall award in this festival and was very good Communication
    with me. with the best wishes for 2edition

    April 2022
  • Neda Zamani

    Amazing experience. I was glad to be part of it. All the films in final were extraordinary.

    August 2021
  • Justin Varghese

    Wonderful experience. Wishing the team very best.

    July 2021
  • Leila Ahang

    Thanks for your great festival :)

    July 2021
  • reza masoudi

    Best festival
    Thank you soo much

    July 2021