Every great story starts with great people. Frontier Sapiens Film Festival celebrates human endeavour and the untold stories of inspirational people from all walks of life.

Our mission is to showcase these stories, with a particular focus placed on inspiring future generations. We’re looking for powerful DOCUMENTARY films featuring untold human stories from around the globe; stories of people doing incredible things.

We want to celebrate those who are pushing boundaries or are leaders in their field, to draw attention to those whose voices aren’t being heard and to shine the spotlight on the captivating stories behind individuals working towards positive change in the world.

If you think your film can educate, entertain, move audiences and inspire empathy, then we’d love to hear from you. Submitted films can be broad in range (showcasing epic adventures, environmental, cultural or political issues etc), but MUST feature a human story element.

Frontier Sapiens is the first UK touring festival to share these stories on the big screen outdoors. Now in its fourth year, the festival will take place in summer 2024 and spring 2025, with films showcased in numerous exciting outdoor and indoor locations around the UK.

All film submissions will be judged by the Frontier Sapiens panel in May 2024, with up to 8 ‘winning films’ being selected for the official festival tour.

We wholeheartedly believe in supporting filmmakers, so if your film is selected for the festival, a fee will be paid as a reward for its involvement in the festival.

An 'Audience Choice' award will also be awarded at the end of the festival.

***We have previously received multiple submissions of films which are completely unrelated to the nature of the film festival. Unfortunately, to discourage this, we have had to introduce a small nominal fee (£5) to make sure filmmakers are reading the submission guidelines and are aware of the nature of the festival. Thank you for your understanding.***

Please read all of the below rules and terms fully. By submitting your film, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to all of the terms outlined below.

1. DOCUMENTARY films must be between 2 minutes and 70 minutes in length.
2. To be considered, films must have been produced after 2021.
3. We welcome films from around the world. But all films not produced in English, must be submitted with English subtitles.
4. Films may be submitted by both professional and amateur filmmakers.
5. Submission does not guarantee that the film will be shown at the festival.
6. In order to submit a film, you MUST have all intellectual property rights and distribution rights to the content, as well as the performing rights for any music/soundtrack used in the film. If requested, you MUST be able to provide immediate proof of this.
7. The film can NOT be subject to or threatened by any form of litigation.
8. Films will only be considered if submitted alongside a completed entry form.
9. The applicant grants the festival organisers (Frontier Sapiens Ltd) full rights to show the submitted film at all Frontier Sapiens Film Festival events (worldwide). The applicant also agrees to allow Frontier Sapiens Ltd to use any film extracts, submitted images, or screen grabs for marketing or promotional purposes (including press and social media / website and trailer inclusion) in perpetuity. Frontier Sapiens Ltd have the right to sub-license this right without any further consent required from the applicant.
10. If your film has been shown at other festivals (worldwide) and /or published online, you must state full details in your submission.
11. Once submitted, films will not be returned to the applicant. All films will be retained by the festival organisers for selection and archival purposes.

1. Films should be submitted via FilmFreeway, or via digital download from fast servers (Vimeo or Youtube). Please ensure that you 'enable download'.
2. Applicants should submit films for initial consideration as a high res digital file, in a format compatible with VLC player.
3. Films should preferably be produced in 16:9 format, with a minimum 1080p quality version available. Films should be encoded as an .mp4 file.
4. Films should not be submitted with adverts at the start or end of the file.

1. Up to 8 ‘winning films’ will be selected for the festival. The final decision on ‘winning films’ will be at the absolute discretion of the festival organisers.
2. If your film is selected, you will be notified in May 2024, with selection being publicly announced at the end of May 2024.
3. All selected ‘winning films’ will be viewed by the public at multiple Frontier Sapiens Festival events from May 2024 onward.
4. Winning filmmakers are encouraged to attend a festival screening.
5. If your film is selected, you will be informed of the royalty fee in writing, after notification of your selection.
6. If selected for the festival, applicants must supply electronically a minimum of 3 high-res images from the film, for promotional purposes. Image copy-write will still remain with the applicant.
7. ‘Winning film’ applicants give the event organisers the rights to use up to 3 minutes of film content for promotional purposes, such as for trailers / social media content etc.
8. The applicant grants the festival organisers and its licensees the right to copy the entry in its entirety to facilitate technical operations at all festival events.

Overall Rating
  • Summit Fever Media E & M Green

    The Frontier Sapiens Film Festival is a warm, welcoming event that excels in community engagement. It's not just about films; it's about connecting people through cinema. The friendly atmosphere and meaningful interactions make it a must-attend for film enthusiasts.

    October 2023