Given the opportunity, every child loves making movies. From coming up with stories, using dolls and action figures as characters, dressing up in costumes, and making simple animations and special effects, the whole process is a joy both to children and to the adults who get to see these wonderful films. They are a window into what it means to be creative for people of all ages.

Celebrating the child’s point of view, The Front Range Kid’s Film Festival will show, on the big screen, short works by both children and adult filmmakers who share in this spirit of innocent creativity. Kids will get the opportunity to show their work to not only their friends and family, but members of their community. Adult filmmakers will be able to reach kids in their community, experience their reactions, and answer their questions.

On the evening of the festival, the Arts Hub will roll out the red carpet! There will be fun activities, photographs, food vendors, and films will be shown on the big screen in the theater. Filmmakers will introduce their works to the audience, and audiences will vote on their favorites. Winners will get prizes!

Cash prizes for winners in each category!

Other prizes will be announced during the festival.


We are so grateful for your submission and for you sharing your creativity with us: be advised that not all submissions can be shown at the festival. A panel of 7 judges will view each submission and choose those which best suit the brief to be shown on the evening of the festival.

All films must be family friendly and G-Rated. Don’t submit anything you wouldn’t show your baby sister!

Submission fee: $15

-Limit one submission per person
-Directors of all ages are encouraged to submit their films to the festival.
-Entries must be 4 min. or less in duration.
-Films must be in .mp4 format.
-Please include a brief director’s statement, in which you tell us a bit about yourself and your film. Background info and context are very helpful!
-Include credits for all personnel involved in the creation of your film, from parents to friends to siblings, and let us know what role they played.

For kid directors: Parental/adult involvement must be limited to the following:

-Educating and assisting young directors on the use of video and audio editing software
-Help with camera operation
-Tech setup including lighting and sound recording
-Importing, exporting, and converting files
-Acting or appearing in the film
-Reminding young directors what the guidelines are
-Helping with the submission process

Remember, this is about kids’ stories, kids’ creative visions, and kids’
films. Parents, please don’t:

-Write or edit your kids scripts
-Influence the creative process with your own original ideas
-Edit or assemble the film yourself - teach them how!
-Make creative choices including music, transitions, story, or anything else!

For adult directors: Unleash your creativity! We are interested in films which will delight, entertain, and inspire wonder and joy in children.
Any genre or medium is acceptable, as long as it is firmly G rated
Your cast and crew can be of any size

Make sure you don’t have any copyrighted material (music, brand logos, images etc.) in your movie - if it would get a copyright strike on youtube, we can’t use it in the festival!
By submitting your film, you agree to allow the Arts HUB to use it in their promotional materials for the festival, to be shown at the festival, and on the website.