Submissions CLOSED 1ST APRIL we have had 857 wonderful entries from around the world thank you for all your support. Please come to the festival on the 18th and 19th May see our website for further details

WE ARE ALL PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT, NATURE AND THE ECO-SYSTEM.... every time you breath, step out and live on to the Earth you impact the eco-system.... WE ARE ONE

The festival films must be positive and relate to the following themes;

-Raising awareness of the climate and environment
-Helping change to a greener lifestyle
-Helping people to reconnect with the environment.

Happy Filming
James Godman


The Frome International Climate Film Festival is the world's first and only dedicated free film festival to champion and to promote Climate and Environmental through positive films. The festival is in its 3rd year and we are looking for your film submissions for the 2024 festival. The festival is free as we believe there should be no barriers to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through positive films we can raise awareness of the climate and the environment and the need to change. Our festival aims to inspire people to change through connecting, sharing, supporting and creating pathways for change to a more sustainable lifestyle. Remember change starts with us ! Through little things we can do great things.

The festival mission, objectives and values are shown below, more details can be found in the overview reel on the website

Mission - To make it visible

-To raise climate awareness in our everyday lives
-To provide pathways to help change
-To connect, share, support and inspire people to change.

We are also looking to grow a free Global Film Family to connect, share, support and inspire each other in our day to day lives, to share knowledge, to offer help, to collaborate and to promote each others work to accelerate change for us and our children. Together we will change the world through film.

Our values create a safe and inclusive space for connecting, sharing, supporting and inspiring green change. We aim to help people to find themselves and to support them on their pathway.
-No Barriers
-Family Orientated
-Caring and Safe.

Films can be any length and topic BUT they must have a green theme, climate and the environment based plus must only be 12 months old i.e. made/released in 2023.
So let's see your passion and hear your voice.

The films can be an interview, a short film, a feature film, filmed poetry, art or music, comedy or technology, community project, a silent feature whatever inspires you with a green message in film aligned to one of the following themes.

-To raise awareness of the climate and environment
-To help change to a greener lifestyle
-To help people to reconnect with the environment.


Those selected for the festival by our panel of judges will be screened during the festival. Winners of the prestigious CLIMATE AWARDS (for each category winner) will be showcased at the RED CARPET award ceremony. Then we will all celebrate at the post awards party with fantastic local bands.

In addition, a special event to select the Best Director of the 2024 Climate Film Festival, from all of the categories, will be held in June 2024 in a cinema in the UK. This will be a celebration for family, friends, those involved in the film production plus the wider public. There will be costs related to this event to get each film BBFC rated and to reformat the films to DCP, the cost for each director will be circa £40.00 - £60.00 UK GBP.

1. All accepted into the festival will receive the festival laurels

2. Category award winners will each receive an international climate award, a carved wooden sculpture by our resident local sculpture and a tree to plant

3. As a festival we also reward with festival laurels films which have been identified as commended and highly commended by our judges

4. You will be also be invited to join the Global Film Family to support each other as we try to accelerate green change through film

FORMAT for entries the same as YOUTUBE, use your phone and let's get filming. (MP4 file type and also recommends h.264 video codec and aspect ratio of 16:9) Shout if you need help. You can only enter on category.

Best Under 16 yrs
Best Over 16 yrs
Best Animation
Best Student Film
Best Short Film Under 5 minutes
Best Social Media Film
Best Female Director
Best Male Director
Best LGBTQ Director
Best Educational (Pathway) Film
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Professional
Most Inspirational
NetZero Award (lowest carbon footprint)

(Please state if you are a First Time Filmmaker)

Films can also be accepted from Schools, Groups, Clubs and associations where there is a mix of age groups, but please state.

Films to be transferred to festival organisers by WeTransfer, once accepted into the festival (with a short reel for Social Media) as they need to be downloaded by the festival organisers for screening.

Thank you for your interest and support, together we will change the world through making it visible and joining up globally through film.

Please send an email to addressed to the festival director detailing the following;

Your name -
Directors name -
Film name -
Film submission category -
Short description -
Film duration -
When the film was made (must have been between May 2023 and 1st April 2024)

If accepted you will need to send a short reel for Social Media to support the festival and send your film to the festival organisers

If you win an award you must allow please either;
1. Your film to be shown at free screenings run by the film festival to help to promote you and to inspire green change
2. Allow the film to be uploaded to the Climate Film Festivals YouTube channel to promote you and to inspire Green change.

Film makers under the age of 16 years, your films must be submitted by a parent, guardian or through your school.

All films must also have the permission of all parties involved in the film and/or depicted in the film before the film is submitted to Frome International Climate Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Carolina feity

    Thank you @theclimate for this prestigious award! We’re so happy for this new achievement with our short THE BEACH, an episode of the LITTLE SHORTS series, and incredibly thankful for the strong support we have received from everyone who has been a part of this great project.

    June 2024
  • Khushnoor Shaikh

    Wonderful film festival. Thank you so much.

    June 2024
  • Melihat özdoğan ağgül

    I attended the festival, but not physically. Email notifications were good. I loved your laurels.

    June 2024
  • Grato pela seleção! Vida longa ao festival!

    May 2024
  • The experience was really cool, especially for such a noble cause. Gratitude!

    May 2024