A Better World : Beyond Pandemics.

Our only life-long vaccine: Nature Protection.

Focus: Root Causes of Pandemics, including Destruction of Wild Habitat; Industrial Farming; Wildlife Trade.

A Better World: Beyond Pandemics is this year's banner for Freeland Film Festival 2022, as we look beyond vaccines for stories that illuminate the root causes of zoonotic outbreaks, including wildlife trafficking, destruction of nature, often for industrial agriculture and factory farming. We invite stories that explain the drivers of pandemics and how we can prevent the next one. As always, we prioritize films that point to solutions and inspire hope for our planet and people.

Freeland Film Festival is a global story-telling platform. This year, we seek films that explain the drivers and impacts of pandemics, and how we can prevent them from recurring by addressing their root causes. As always, we pay special attention to films that inspire hope for our planet and all of its inhabitants

Freeland’s Mission: We are a frontline counter-trafficking organization working for a world that is free of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. Our team of law enforcement, development and communications specialists work alongside partners in Asia, Africa and the Americas to build capacity, raise awareness, strengthen networks and promote good governance to protect critical ecosystems and vulnerable people from criminal and over-exploitation. Since early February 2020, we have been co-leading a global campaign called “End Pandemics”, which aims to address the root causes of pandemics, including commercial trade in wild animals, destruction of wild habitat, and intense, industrial farming.

This year's festival will be held mainly virtually due to restrictions from COVID-19, but we will also have small audiences and panel discussions held at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Bangkok.

Please review our categories before submitting. We will not review or accept any films that do not fit in with our festival's mission.

If you are a filmmaker with limited resources, you may email us and we will process discount codes on a case by case basis.