A farm fresh alternative to stale cinema, the Free Range Film Festival is a celebration of fiercely independent film. Films are screened inside a big old barn located in the heart of Minnesota's organic farm country.

For the past fourteen years we've opened up our 100-year-old barn to screen films and videos nurtured without the use of pesticides, growth hormones or a distribution deal from a fancy-pants Hollywood studio. A Free Range Film can be a full-length feature, an independent short, a provocative documentary or a two-minute video starring your aunt, an old bicycle and a friggin' huge, black, winged unicorn. In the last couple of years, we've played some really great stuff like "The Overnighters" and "Beaver Trilogy Part IV."

Here are some frequently asked questions:

You run movies in a barn? Seriously?
Seriously. The films we select for our festival are projected on a 24-foot wide screen inside the hayloft of a barn built in 1916. It’s kind of a one-of-a-kind movie-going experience.

When is this Free Range Film Festival?
Plant yourself here for the weekend. The festivities begin on Friday, June 29 and won't let up until we're done showing movies on Saturday, June 30.

Where is this big old barn, anyway?
The Free Range Film Festival will be held at the corner of County Roads 1 & 4 just one mile south of Wrenshall, Minnesota. The venue is two hours north of the Twin Cities and just 30 minutes south of Duluth.

Hey! I think I might have a Free Range Film in my closet! What should I do with it?
Whatever you got, we want. Just head on over to that 'Submit Now' button and give it a push. After you send your film to our official selection committee, they'll take it for a test run and see how it holds together.

How can I be sure my film will run in the festival?
Send us a good film. That's all we ask.

Will there be any prizes at the Free Range Film Festival?
We like to think the thrill of seeing your Free Range Film projected in a big old barn is reward enough.

You know all those rules and terms that other festivals have? Yeah. Reading those can be a bummer. Let's just all be nice to each other, okay?

Overall Rating
  • Susan Kerns

    Terrific Festival! Great people, great crowds, and there's farm-fresh produce in the swag bag!

    August 2017
  • John Akre

    A truly festive film festival, rooted in a unique community, with an imaginative and giving audience from that community, and a group of people behind it who are amazingly giving and just plain nice! The barn theater is a surreal cinematographic dreamspace that must be experienced to believe.

    August 2017
  • Dean Peterson

    Free Range is now easily one of my favorite festivals. Annie and Mike are both so great and everyone at the festival is so welcoming and excited about the films that play there. The barn they screen in is absolutely incredible and one of the best screening experiences we've had so far. It's fun, laid back, and the picture and sound quality of the projection is better than a lot of theaters we've played in. This will definitely be one of the first places I submit next time.

    August 2017
  • Jonathan Johnson

    Great communication, well publicized and unique beyond belief. Thanks!

    October 2016
  • Mary Taylor

    A great, fun, and unique experience. Great people in a beautiful part of the country. The block of films I saw were a wonderful mix of animation and documentaries.

    August 2016