After our second edition last year, in 2023 we will continue our efforts to champion inclusivity in the film industry; Fragments Festival aims to provide a platform for stories about and filmmakers who identify as women or non-binary, people of colour, LGBTQIA+, disabled or belonging to otherwise marginalised groups. In programming our festival we strive to spotlight not only the fantastic home-grown talent that the UK has, but also the incredible filmmakers across Europe and around the world.

In addition to providing a platform for underrepresented filmmakers to exhibit their work, Fragments Festival also aims to give those who may not regularly attend the cinema the chance to see a wide range of excellent films. We're excited to announce that this year all of our regular screenings will be priced at £6, and our gala screenings will be £10. We also allocate a number of free tickets to each event for attendees who would otherwise not be able to come.

We are encouraging filmmakers from any marginalised backgrounds to submit their work to us and have created a submission process which will help to highlight the work of groups and individuals from oppressed communities, as well as films which have minority groups as their focus. All films will be reviewed by a carefully selected committee that will consider both the merit of the work and the circumstance of its creation when making the final selection for the festival programme.

We welcome submissions of short films (40 minutes or less) and feature films (over 40 minutes) in all genres, including narrative, documentary, experimental and animation. All submissions will be reviewed by our selection team and discussed before our final decision is made.

Submissions can only be accepted via FilmFreeway. The Festival does not accept any physical copies in the submissions process. Your submission will not be accepted unless you also complete this accompanying monitoring form:


Why do we charge for submissions?

Fragments Festival is aiming to be as fair as possible every step of the way, from the submissions process right up to the running of the festival itself. A vital aspect of Fragments operating fairly is ensuring that everyone working on the festival gets paid a fair wage.

Our submission fees allow us waiver fees for young filmmakers. We also have a low-income option available to anyone who requires it. Please email info@fragmentsfest.com for more information on how to obtain a fee waiver.

Fragments Festival strives to ensure that it’s accessible for all. It’s a constant learning process for us but we welcome your feedback and are seeing how we can provide more opportunities for filmmakers.

All films selected for the festival will be eligible for an award in one of the following categories:

Best Feature Film - £500
Best Short Film - £200
Young Filmmakers Award* - £150
*best film made by person(s) who are 25 or under.

This year, all awards will be decided by our audience.

Please note that Fragments is a public-facing festival, not an industry-exclusive festival.


1. Submissions will be accepted from 1st March 2023 . Late submissions close on 23rd June 2023.
2. All submissions must have been completed after 1st January 2018.
3. Submissions will be accepted via FilmFreeway only. The Festival does not accept any physical copies in the submissions process.
4. You will need to submit a password-protected url link of your film. Ensure the link and password are fully working before submitting your application. Please also ensure that the link and password remain live until at least 2nd October 2023.
5. In order for your submission to be accepted in addition to submitting via FilmFreeway you must also fill out the form at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1E96_ojE6QQaMnNSd94ZoNhskDNUX_hZPXHa3iTTwkGI/edit
6. Films submitted for the festival must be in their complete and finalised version. The Festival does not accept work-in-progress or unfinished projects. Changing or updating the originally submitted link is not accepted.
7. By submitting, filmmakers confirm that they have obtained all rights and clearances for their film.
8. All films submitted in a language other than English must be subtitled. We do not accept dialogue lists. This applies to both the submitted screener and the final exhibition copy. This applies to both feature and short submissions.
9. The Festival will not make changes or cuts to any submitted film.
10. If you are submitting a feature please note that UK premiere status is preferred but not required. Please detail in the relevant section on the submission form the premiere status of your work. If the premiere status of your film changes after you have submitted please contact us immediately so that we can update your application.
11. You must disclose in your submission form if your film is currently or has been available on any online or streaming platforms. If your film becomes available after it has been submitted please contact us immediately so that we can update you application.
12. Submission fees must be paid through the FilmFreeway platform. The submission fee is non-refundable.
13. We aim to make the festival as accessible as possible and for this reason we will require all films to have subtitles (including films in the English language) where possible. If those subtitles are not available at time of submission that is not an issue. If your film is selected we are likely to discuss this with you at a later stage.
14. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide feedback on submissions.


1. If selected for the festival all submissions must be delivered to our London address on an NTFS formatted hard drive. All films must be clearly labelled with the name of the submitted film, its aspect ratio and filmmaker contact details. Please note that all films will be shown in either Flat or Scope as per the technical specifications of the venue.
2. It is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker to ensure the delivery of their film to the Festival location. The Festival cannot accept responsibility for shipping costs, customs charges, or any costs incurred due to damage or loss in transit. We recommend that filmmakers ship films via tracked courier.
3. The scheduling of screenings is the sole responsibility of the Festival team. Although it is highly unlikely, the Festival reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, and will not be liable for any costs on the part of the filmmaker as a result of a change in scheduling.
4. No film may be withdrawn from the festival programme by the filmmaker after its selection.
5. The Festival may use clips and stills from your film in the creation of promotional materials.
6. The Festival does not pay screening fees.


1. The Festival will be awarding selected submissions in the following categories:
- Best Feature Film
- Best Short Film
- Young Filmmakers Award*
*best film made by person(s) who are 25 years old or under.
2. All films selected for the Festival are eligible for a Festival award.
3. Each film awarded will receive a monetary prize
4. Awards will be decided by the audience who will be able to vote for their favourite film at the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Ellie Rogers

    It was absolutely wonderful to be able to go to this festival in person! I got to see my animated short Completionist at their Wolf at the Door screening at the Genesis cinema and it was a wonderful experience. Not to mention the festival organisers are very communicative and helpful!

    October 2023
  • Sarah Drummond

    A brilliant film festival in the heart of East London. The team were helpful and so kind in making us feel welcome in opening the festival with our short doc. Thank you!

    October 2023
  • Dean Cooper

    I’m so honoured to have my film ‘Occupying East Ham Library’ win the best short film award at Fragments Festival. All of my family and friends had a great time attending the festival at the fantastic Genesis Cinema. A well organised and friendly film festival.

    December 2022
  • Janet Marrett

    Huge honour to have ASUNDER selected for the 2022 edition of this prestigious festival. Really impressive team, networking, events and communication.

    November 2022
  • Sona Ryang

    It’s an amazing festival !
    Thank you so much for showing my film at the festival. It was absolutely fantastic to see the other films that are unique and brilliant.

    October 2022