FOTOGENIA, INTERNATIONAL FILM POETRY & DIVERGENT NARRATIVES FESTIVAL, VOL. 2 promotes a space with an alternative conception of films, a celebration of experimentation and avant-garde framework, the love of curiosity and research of the seventh Art. Everyone is invited, taking into consideration the disruptive nature of the selected works.

Fotogenia is a Film Festival held in the heart of Mexico City that celebrates cinema itself, experimentation with its nature, formats, genres, narrative and all the freedom to explore the audiovisual image without restriction. It joins the Festivals of this type around the world such as the Film & Video Poetry Symposium that takes place in Moscow, Los Angeles and New York and Rencontres Internationales that takes place in Paris and Berlin.

If you are an audiovisual maker interested in provoking the cinematographic image through the exploration of the frontiers and limits of film narrative, genre, format and the nature of film itself, in order to converse with the viewers in innovative and critical ways to ignite a confrontation between reality and cinematic phenomenon, this is your place to exhibit your passion.

We welcome you to watch films in another way!


El FESTIVAL FOTOGENIA, FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE POESÍA Y NARRATIVAS DIVERGENTES, VOL.2, promueve un espacio para la concepción alternativa del cine dentro de un marco de celebración, experimentación y vanguardia sobre el amor, la curiosidad y la investigación del séptimo arte, al que todo público está invitado, tomando en cuenta la naturaleza disruptiva de las obras presentadas.

El Festival Fotogenia es un nuevo Festival de Cine en la Ciudad de México que celebra el cine en sí mismo, la experimentación con su naturaleza, los formatos, sus géneros, su narrativa y toda la libertad para explorar la imagen audiovisual sin restricción. Se suma a los Festivales de este tipo que hay alrededor del mundo como el Film & Video Poetry Simposium que se lleva a cabo en Moscú, Los Ángeles y Nueva York y Rencontres Internationales que se lleva a cabo en París y Berlín.

Si eres un realizador audiovisual interesado en provocar a la imagen cinematográfica mediante la exploración de las fronteras y límites de su narrativa, géneros, soportes y la naturaleza propia del filme, para dialogar con el espectador de maneras novedosas y críticas y generar así una confrontación entre la realidad y el fenómeno cinematográfico, éste es tu lugar de exposición.

¡Bienvenidos a mirar el cine de forma distinta!

1) "DELLUC / AVANT-GARDE" USD $800 Cash Prize
2) "SPECIAL MENTION EPSTEIN / Avant -garde" USD $300 Cash Prize
3) "REVELATION AWARD" Gifts from our sponsors

1. The topic to explore in this second edition is OPEN. Everything that shows facts, actual events, events of interest, dreams, passions, fears. We want to explore PRESENT as a CONTINUOS SPACE-TIME OF EVENTS. NO MATTER WHEN YOU MADE YOUR FILM!
2. The Festival is open to all international short films made until 2020, which have been created specifically for the Festival or if your work explores in a substantial way the proposed topic for this year’s edition; however, this at the discretion of the organizers in regards to the eligibility and selection of your short film for the programme.
3. The duration of the works should be between 1-15 minutes with credits.
4. Any format is accepted (16mm, 35mm, digital, mobile) in accord to the experimentation of the cinematics’ substance; however, the final projection copy must be in HD digital format, QuickTime .mov, compression H.264.
5. Any genre and technique can be used (animation, fiction, documentary, mockumentary, a mix between genres), in the spirit of the unrestricted experimentation within non-narrative, poetry logic, hypertextual logic or thought logic, in order to defy poetry and narrative frontiers.
6. To be considered you need to submit your material through FilmFreeway.
7. Each director can send a maximum of 3 works.
8. If the original language is different from Spanish or English, the film must be subtitled in Spanish or English.
9. The deadline for submission is Sunday, August 30th, 2020. The extended deadline closes on Sunday, September 20th. We won’t accept any work after that deadline.
10. A Selection Committee comprised of international specialists will review all the works and it will select those that are best suited to the Festival’s theme and philosophy.
11. The Festival will contact all selected directors to arrange the final delivery of their works in the best HD projection quality and their Press Kit. It is your responsibility to send your material on the scheduled dates. Once the Festival has the HD projection copies of the films, it will announce the Official Selection in a Press Conference.
12. The selected directors who live in Mexico City, need to commit to attending, on the day that the Festival takes place, to be part of a Q&A round, in order to discuss their works with the spectators. Those directors who live outside Mexico City or the country can participate with a video-presentation.
13. The selected short films will be uploaded to a digital platform that will integrate the digital archive of the Festival. FOTOGENIA CHANNEL preserves & promotes the selected works and their directors as the historical heritage and memory of the Festival for the world.
14. As part of the tasks of FESTIVAL FOTOGENIA to provide an exhibition space for filmmakers from all over the world, the selected works will be part of an itinerant showcase in order to expand their projection to low-income communities and other public spaces once the Festival is over. This promotion of the works will depend on the agreements that the Festival could do with other Institutions in the next months after the official dates of the FOTOGENIA have passed. The directors will be notified and invited to these possible exhibitions.
15. A Jury comprised of International Film Specialists will grant the Award: “Dulac / Avant-garde” to the work that they consider worthy of the Festival Spirit, with a cash prize of USD 800. Besides, the Jury will grant a Special Mention: “Epstein /Avant-garde” to the work that they consider worthy of it and a "Revelation Award" to an amazing novel director.
16. The location of the Festival will be announced during the next months; it’ll be a Film Center in Mexico City in which the selected short films will be projected + a special evening party (There will be different ticket access to these Festival Events).
17. By sending your material, you accept the present rules & regulations hereby described.
18. Any unforeseen situation in these regulations will be solved by FOTOGENIA Festival Organization at its solely discretion.

Overall Rating
  • gracias al festival por la mención Epstein, muy agradecida y fue un gusto compartir!!

    January 2021
  • Laia Ceballos

    En estos tiempos de Pandemia, fue un gran festival con una buena curaduría y una buena organización y comunicación. Muy agradecida de participar

    December 2020
  • Loretta Stern

    The Fotogenia Film Festival is the real deal - they care about art and cinema - and filmmakers! The festival gave my killer clown movie all the love it deserved. This is a great venue to showcase innovative and risk taking cinema from around the world with an avant-garde sensibility.

    December 2020
  • Rupestris Films

    Muy bueno a pesar de que éste año por pandemia fue online, premios generosos para una mexicana recién egresada como yo, mil gracias por otorgar el primer premio a mi cortometraje

    November 2020
  • Excellent festival! Great communication, and a great selection of experimental films from all over the world, as well as networking opportunities and other extras that many festivals do not offer. Thank you!

    November 2020