Our selection committee is looking for short food films to be included in the Food Film Menu 2023!

By putting the spotlight on regional gastronomy, you and your short food film can play a key role in raising awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Diverse food, food cultures, food traditions, and food knowledge have shaped through centuries the cultural, architectural and landscape heritage of regions across the globe, creating an incredible patchwork of unique food ways that deserve to be safeguarded and showcased.

Globalisation and climate change are undeniably affecting biodiversity on our planet, leading to a dramatic loss of local plant and animal varieties (and related traditional know-how) that are the backbone of regional food cultures.

As more and more people move to globalised diets, it is vitally important to revalue and promote local food as cultural heritage, as the way forward to ensure future sustainable development and community well-being.

Unleash your creativity and become an ambassador for cultural and food diversity!

We are hungry for incredible stories starring the food heritage of regions from all over the globe!

Each region holds countless fascinating food stories waiting to be told. Local food products, recipes, food producers, chefs, food traditions, food innovations, food techniques and practises, food landscapes or built heritage related to regional gastronomy - to name a few - are all eligible protagonists of your short film.

Eligible topics of the short films include (but not exclusive to):
- ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND FOOD: food-related environmental issues, e.g. biodiversity preservation, endangered animal and plant varieties, pollution, climate change, plastic and food waste.
- YOUNG FARMERS, FISHERMEN AND BEEKEEPERS: young food producers (up to the age of 30) that have the potential to become influencers for younger generations.
- FOOD-RELATED VISITOR EXPERIENCES: quality and surprising visitor experiences related to regional gastronomy (e.g. farm visits, food/wine routes, gastronomy markets or fairs).
- FOOD AND CRAFT ARTISANAL GIFTS: quality and surprising artisanal products related to the gastronomy of the region. We particularly welcome short films that feature food gifts submitted to IGCAT’s World Food Gift Challenge.
- YOUNG CHEF AMBASSADORS: short films that feature young chefs working sustainably and promoting local products and producers from their regions.
- WORLD AND EUROPEAN REGIONS OF GASTRONOMY NOMINATED, CANDIDATE AND/OR AWARDED*: highlighting local food heritage, indigenous knowledge, craft and traditions related to gastronomy and/or food innovation, new trends, or sustainable initiatives and experiences from regions across the world.

*Current awarded and candidate European Regions of Gastronomy:

CATALONIA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2016 (Spain)
MINHO, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2016 (Portugal)
AARHUS-CENTRAL DENMARK, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 (Denmark)
EAST LOMBARDY, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 (Italy)
RIGA-GAUJA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 (Latvia)
GALWAY-WEST OF IRELAND, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2018 (Ireland)
NORTH BRABANT, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2018 (The Netherlands)
SIBIU, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2019 (Romania)
SOUTH AEGEAN, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2019 (Greece)
KUOPIO, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2020 (Finland)
COIMBRA REGION, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2021 (Portugal)
SLOVENIA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2021
MENORCA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022 (Spain)
TRONDHEIM-TRØNDELAG, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022 (Norway)
HAUTS-DE-FRANCE, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2023 (France)
SAIMAA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024 (Finland)
SICILY, European Region of Gastronomy candidate 2025 (Italy)

*Current awarded and candidate World Regions of Gastronomy:

ASEER, World Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024 (Saudi Arabia)
CATALONIA, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2016 (Spain)

An international jury of experts will select up to 10 Best Films, as well as award the Best Young Director (chosen among the eligible submissions; see Rule 14 below).

Among them, the Public’s Favourite Films will be selected through an online vote.

All winners will be promoted and offered as a menu to film festivals throughout the globe.

All winners will be permanently showcased in the Food Film Menu section on IGCAT’s website and YouTube channel, and promoted through IGCAT’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


Read the rules detailed on this page very closely. If your short food film complies with the standards and regulations listed below, proceed to fill out a submission.


1. The short film should have a maximum length of 5 min.

2. All languages are accepted but the film SHOULD include English subtitles.

3. The film should have been created after 2019.

4. All genres are eligible for submission EXCLUDING animations and that which depict sexual pornography or extreme violence.

5. Campaigns consisting of several films can be entered but only as individual films. Each film will be judged individually.

6. Submission must have signed release forms from all contributors to use and publish their work.

7. The filmmaker/s is/are responsible for purchasing music rights for audio used in the short film.

8. The filmmaker/s must have written permission to showcase the locations and people on-screen.

9. The filmmaker/s must also provide with each film submitted the following:
a) a high-res digital version of the film upon acceptance.
b) (at least) 2 excellent still images from your film to be distributed to the press and for use on IGCAT website and social media (minimum of 2000px and 72ppi in the long side).

10. If accepted, your short film may be used for promotional purposes and you give full rights to IGCAT (free of charge) to use it and/or promote it. Noting that this right does not extend to commercial use of the film.

11. If selected, you may not withdraw your short film from the Food Film Menu and you must provide a link to a trailer for your film on YouTube. This allows us to feature your trailer on our website and social media accounts.

12. If selected, you authorise IGCAT’s sponsors and partners to publish your work on their websites and/or social media.

13. If selected, films from the awarded and candidate World/European Regions of Gastronomy need to include the official candidate or awarded World/European Region of Gastronomy logo.

14. Filmmakers of all ages, professionals, enthusiasts and production companies are invited to submit in any category, however one of the prizes is reserved for Best Young Director. For this Award the filmmaker must:
a) be aged 18-26;
b) have no more than 2 years of professional experience as filmmakers;
c) have previously directed and publicly screened no more than 3 films.

15. IGCAT reserves the right not to award any short films in one or more categories if submissions do not comply with the required theme and standards.

16. All rules and regulations are subject to interpretation by IGCAT.

17. The decision of the jury is final.


The selection of the BEST FILMS and BEST YOUNG DIRECTOR will be made by a committee of IGCAT experts in the food and film sectors and announced as the Food Film Menu 2023 in September 2023 on IGCAT’s website and social media.

A PUBLIC VOTE will then open on IGCAT’s social media to select the PUBLIC FAVOURITE FILMS.

Circumstances permitting, the Public’s Favourite Films will be officially announced at a World/European high-profile Region of Gastronomy event to be organised in the third quarter of 2023, where all category winners will be screened for an international audience and filmmakers will be invited to join.


The Food Film Menu is organised and coordinated by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT). IGCAT aims to empower local communities by raising awareness of the importance to safeguard and promote distinct food, culture, arts and sustainable tourism assets. This is essential to balance against globalised food trends that are impacting on our planet, health and local economies.

IGCAT is a non-profit institute established in 2012, working with regional stakeholder consortiums in the fields of gastronomy, culture, arts and tourism. It counts on the expertise of a worldwide network of experts and works in partnership with specialised intergovernmental organisations.

IGCAT provides the World and European Region of Gastronomy Award and is the official secretariat for the World and European Regions of Gastronomy Platforms. Furthermore, the Institute has developed the European Young Chef Award, the World Food Gift Challenge and the Top Websites for Foodie Travelers.


©2023 IGCAT. IGCAT retains all the copyrights to the Food Film Menu project and gives exclusive permission to candidate and awarded World/European Regions of Gastronomy to carry out regional competitions following the Food Film Menu criteria.