The Flatlands Dance Film Festival is dedicated to supporting and presenting the art of Dance Cinema, a medium that explores and innovates the intersections between filmmaking and dancemaking. The festival builds educational platforms, encourages dialogue, and promotes a diverse range of cultural perspectives from around the globe.

Dance at Illinois supports and presents this medium by recognizing the vast potential where choreography and the screen reside together. Dance films provide greater access for audiences and provide more opportunities for visual/movement artists to utilize technology from a choreographic perspective.

FDFF seeks to fulfill the mission in these ways.
● Showcase a variety of films and shorts dedicated to dance performance, dance for camera, influential artists in the field, and the social impact of dance across the world.
● Host a film competition for aspiring dance filmmakers.
● Encourage dialogue –
○ Provide educational platforms to interact with filmmakers, students, and community members.
○ foster conversations between dance and film artists who examine various artistic processes and their impact on the industry.
● Generate programming that promotes diverse perspectives: Each year, the festival will focus on specific themes and subject matter and showcase international and national artists in dance, performance, visual art, cinema, and media arts.

Awards for Best in Show
Audience Choice

The Flatlands Dance Film Festival Short Film Competition accepts short dance films (12 minutes and under) that explore and innovate the intersections between filmmaking and dancemaking.

The official selections will be announced on December 23rd, 2023. Upon submitting your film to FDFF, you agree to allow our directors to utilize your work to promote our event, online and in-person screenings and workshops.