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The Flagler Film Festival was formed to showcase the work of new and emerging filmmakers as well as more experienced filmmakers. We believe there are many creative and innovative artists who deserve recognition for their efforts, especially those constrained by low budgets. We believe that sometimes even more creativity is required when a filmmaker has little or no budget with which to create a film. We believe these films should be seen and be recognized for the efforts of the teams that put them together. The writers, directors, crew, actors and all the talented people involved in the production of a film, whether it is a feature or a short, deserve to have a chance to be seen. We are proud to give filmmakers an opportunity to show their work.

Flagler Film Festival was inspired by the amazingly talented people we have met who perform all the hard work that is required to make a film. We recognize that there are many creative filmmakers who are looking for a place to showcase their work. We are located in a relaxed, pristine beach area with community members who support the arts. Galleries, live theater and now a film festival are part of our small city located in beautiful Flagler County, Florida. Our coastal location is within a short distance to many Florida attractions. If you are a filmmaker who has drive and talent, who is looking for a place to show your work, and is interested in Florida sunshine in January, we hope that you will submit your film for consideration in our festival.

The Flagler Film Festival was created by independent filmmakers for independent filmmakers. We are very proud that several of our official selections from our festival have received distribution and can be seen on Blu-Ray, DVD and streaming sites. Many of our selected films have gone on to win many awards at festivals around the world. We wish much success to all the filmmakers out there!

We will be showcasing feature films and shorts of all genres. If you believe in your film, we will do our very best to recognize your talent and efforts and include your work in our festival. Special consideration will be given to student films.

Award Certificates include best of categories such as Drama, Comedy, International, Documentary and more. Individual awards for best director, actors and actresses in various genres rounded out the awards presented.

Short Films should be 1-44 minutes of any genre.

Feature films should be 45 minutes in length or longer with a maximum time of 120 minutes. Longer features will be considered, but films of 120 minutes or under will have priority.

All films should notate a rating equivalent (R for nudity, sexual situations, intense violence and adult language; PG/PG13 for films with brief violence and adult language, no sexual situations, minimal adult language); G for general audiences including children).

No NC-17 or X rated material will be accepted, as determined by the judges and directors.

Selections made are at the sole discretion of the Festival and all decisions are final.

All films should have high production value reflective of the budget you are working under.

All submissions must provide an internet link/URL such as Google Drive, Vimeo, etc., and password if required, to a high definition digital copy of your film for download. The film should be a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 in either MP4 format using a H.264 codec with a recommended file compression of 15-20 megabits per second (Mbps). A film that is 10 minutes should be approximately 1 Gigabyte in size. Your submission copy is your exhibition copy. Changes made to any submission after acceptance into the Festival must be approved by the director.

Films not received in the format specified above will not be shown.

The Festival is under no obligation to cover any expenses incurred to attend the Festival. 4 passes to the Festival will be provided to the filmmaker at no cost for feature length films and 2 passes will be provided to the filmmaker at no cost for short films that are selected.

No screeners will be returned and entry fees are not refundable.

Films in languages other than English must be subtitled or dubbed.

If Festival dates and/or venues change due to acts of nature or any other reasons beyond the control of the Festival, entrants will be notified of changes, substitutions or cancellation.

Overall Rating
  • C. Davidson

    Our crew members have strong connections to this part of Florida — one went to art school nearby and one worked on a political campaign — so it was really meaningful for us to get to exhibit our work for friends & colleagues. And we were so flattered by all the press interest in our film. Thank you, Flagler Film Festival, for selecting & nominating our film!

    May 2023
  • Oswmer Louis

    The hospitality from Flagler Film Festival is unmatched! We had a great time & will absolutely be back

    April 2023
  • Kurt St. Thomas

    Fantastic festival run by a fantastic crew! Honored to have D.O.A. screen at Flagler Film Festival. Nice to be in the company of people who love film.

    January 2023
  • Camille Wainer

    Wonderful film festival with fantastic organizers. Very grateful for the experience of sharing our documentary in Flagler.

    November 2018
  • Dale Metz

    This festival just keeps getting better! It screens in a nice conference room at a beautiful hotel in the costal community of Flagler Beach. It feels very much like a theater and there are plenty of opportunities to network with fellow filmmakers. Kathie and Jim put a lot of time and effort into this festival.

    February 2018