The “Firenze Archeofilm - Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Archeologia Arte Ambiente”, is organized by Archeologia Viva - Giunti Editore (first archaeological magazine in Italy since 1982).
It's held every year in March in Florence (Cinema La Compagnia), Italy.
The aim of the festival is to promote documentary film on archaeological, historical, ethnographic, artistic and environmental themes (documentaries, films and animated films of any length up to 60 minutes).

Firenze Archeofilm is a widespread festival: a network of cinematographic events we create all over Italy (Aquileia, Taormina, Varese, Cuneo, Grosseto,...) whose purpose is the promotion of the films in archaeological sites.

All our festivals are free-entry events.

Themes of the festival:
Ancient Art
Cultural Heritage

Firenze Archeofilm” Award (audience favorite award)
“University of Florence” Award (special jury of the University of Florence)
"Best Short film" (special jury of the students of the University of Florence)
“Museo e Istituto Fiorentino di Preistoria P. Graziosi” Award to the best prehistoric archeology film (scientific jury of the Museum)
"Archeologia Viva" Award (communication award)

• The seventh edition of the Firenze Archeofilm - Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Archeologia Arte Ambiente, is organized by Archeologia Viva - Giunti Editore S.p.A., and it takes place in Florence (Cinema La Compagnia) in march the 2025.
The eight edition will take place in march 2026.

• The aim of the Firenze Archeofilm is to promote and circulate documentary film on archaeological, historical, ethnographic, artistic and environmental themes.

• The partecipation is free.

• The Firenze Archeofilm Management makes its choices of selection based on the artistic, technical and divulgative qualities of the works received.

• For the selection are ammitted documentaries of any lenght (under 60 minutes) and from all countries completated after 2021, whose contents reflects the Frenze Archeofilm themes. Works presented for the first time at an italian festival will be preferred.

• Works already present on the web are not permitted: sites, social pages, YouTube channel or similar.

• The “Firenze Archeofilm Award” will be awarded to the most voted film by the Public. Special mentions may also be garanted.

• The selection, the general programme and the schedule of the screenings are decided upon by the Firenze Archeofilm Management only.

• The registration of the films at Firenze Archeofilm does not involve payment of any fee and must be submitted through the appropriate form available on the official site and sent by email to

• Deadline for subscriptions 2025: December 28, 2024

• Filmmakers and/or producers are solely responsible for the contents of their film and must declare, upon registration in the Firenze Archeofilm, to have fully complied with copyright laws.

• Firenze Archeofilm is a widespread festival in archaeological places (such as Aquileia, Taormina, Varese, Cuneo, Grosseto) whose purpose is the promotion of archaeological, historical, ethnographic documentary film, artistic and environmental in order to promote the purchase and production also in Italy. The cinematographic works sent may, in part, be used in these contexts for cultural and educational purposes, with the exclusion of any commercial use to protect the interests of the Authors and the Producers, unless expressly refused.

Overall Rating
  • Our project got selected and together with the producer we went to Florence for the festival. It was great experience, the place where the festival is held is a famous cinema in the center and the staff were very welcoming.

    March 2024
  • Una selezione ampia di produzioni internazionali di altissimo livello. E' sempre un'onore per me partecipare.

    March 2024
  • Davide Ludovisi

    A festival with an extremely interesting program every year, featuring excellent communication that adds value to participation. In short, a real festival, which is truly worth attending and be part of it.

    March 2024
  • Yiannis Spiliopoulos

    Amazing festival.Next year with my new submission.

    March 2024
  • Inês Mendes da Silva

    This is a wonderful festival and we look forward to submitting in the future.
    Thank you for supporting our documentary
    "Echoes from the city of the dead".

    April 2023