April is Financial Literacy month!

We want to use our family-friendly platform to break the stigma of talking about money.

We use bite-size content to start financial conversations that every family should be having.

Do you know the rules of money?

Do you know how money works?

Our films are created by amateurs and professionals who have a story with a financial element to it.

Does your photograph, script, animation, or film have a "money" element to it?

We want to see it!

This is a really fun community event hosted by Mr. Marcus T. Bovee II, CEO of film distribution company Impact Releasing and VetFlicks.

What is the Financial Literacy Film Festival?

Our event gathers actors and filmmakers from the local community, to create a series of EDUtainment (Education + Entertainment) short films.

Influencers, Filmmakers, Writers, Actors, Directors, Cinematographers and more, have joined our very important global movement to tell creative stories, which aim to help people become more financially literate.

Our film festival also educates people about Set Safety with the "Safety for Sarah" program and we bring awareness to the Anti-Recidivism Movement. If people learn how to legally earn income, they will most likely commit less crimes for financial gain. Help us build a better future for all of our communities.

Our Goal:
Financial Literacy information for all people.

Our Mission:
Break the stigma of talking about money.


Winners will be announced LIVE and in physical form during the program.

Selections and Winners will be announced via Impact Releasing Facebook page on shared across various social media.

ALL winners will be invited to a group Zoom call with a film distributor, Impact Releasing and they will be able to ask any questions about film distribution.

Winners will receive a one hour FREE Zoom call consultation with Producer, George Ohan from Fulton Film Company. They can ask any film related questions for career advancement.

Open to all ages.

All professional and amateur levels of artists are welcome to submit.

Films submitted may NOT contain nudity, violence, foul language, or any material offensive in nature.

This is a family-friendly event and we want to keep the derogatory content out please.

All scripts, music and artwork is owned by the filmmakers and producers without any infringement on any other persons intellectual property.

It is not allowed to submit any unoriginal works.

By submitting any content, you agree and understand that the content may also be streamed via a livestream platform as part of the Financial Literacy Film Festival and Impact Releasing / VetFlicks programming. This content will be available anywhere in the universe.

Typically underserved and underrepresented communities are highly encouraged to submit their projects.

If you have a submission that may be questionable, please contact us and ASK before submitting.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks you so much for selected my film, good luck with your beautiful Festival..

    May 2023
  • Thank you for the Honorable Mention for my plot.

    May 2023
  • Thank you for the Honorable Mention.

    July 2022
  • Khalid Khan

    Financial Literacy Film Festival is a fabulous event for fiscally-oriented films intended for augmenting monetary acumen with fervent communication, forthright jury, frank networking and flawless communication. FLFF serves as a nursery for learning quotidian economics. Further, it's a yellow-bricked road for those money smart professionals, aspiring for a career, at the Wall Street.

    June 2022