The film festival for filmmakers who want to make a difference by telling the stories of seldom heard communities and / or social issues such as poverty, migration, xenophobia, inequality, environment, mental health and /or war.

The film festival is held in exclusive venues around the UK & Europe for visitors from the public sector, government officials and third sector professionals who are looking to expand their outlook on social impact.

The festival is based in Bradford (The UK City of Film) in an old converted library at the heart of the community.

The films are presented alongside panel discussions and networking opportunities for the filmmakers to connect directly with people who are active in the charity/social sector.

Films in this years edition include:

- Muslim Women in Prison
- The Children of Shaam (Journey from Syria to Turkey)
- Young in Covid
- The Camps of Bangladesh

We are looking for films which educate the audience on social issues. No topic is too small and all communities are welcome.

The heart of the festival is to help the world become a fairer and safer place through the art of filmmaking.

Once your film has been considered and included as part of our official selection, it will automatically be considered for the following awards:

1. Conscious Filmmaker Award
2. Engaging Filmmaker Award
3. Poetic Filmmaker Award
4. Visual Filmmaker Award

1. All films must spoken and/or subtitled in English
2. Any genre and any length of film will be considered, anything under 45 minutes is considered as a short film and anything over 45 minutes is considered as a feature film
3. Films must show and/or discuss the following issues to be considered: poverty, migration, xenophobia, inequality, environment, mental health and /or war.
4. We do not have a premiere policy

Overall Rating
  • Owen Seabrook

    Our very first film selection - unfortunately due to bad traffic we missed the event coming back up from London but fully believe in the ethos of the festival and know the calibre of films we showed alongside must have been really high. Well done Pish and the rest of the team.

    November 2023
  • Jeremiah Quinn

    I couldn't go but the editor of our film went and he had a great time. People loved the film and they came over to express what they thought. Good networking and a great atmosphere. I'm very sorry about missing out on the top notch free samosas too.

    November 2023
  • Nathan Roels

    Great festival! Thanks for hosting our documentary. Great feedback and audience.

    November 2023
  • Anja Strelec

    I am very happy with the festival, grateful that the film was shown and with the communication thatbwas excellent.

    November 2023
  • Thanks again for choosing my film. It was an honor to be selected in Bradford. It's good to see that there's a festival that help filmmakers raise the issues that they want to talk about. Greetings from Beirut.

    November 2023