FilmGate Interactive is an Interactive Media Festival exploring how the technology of today, empowers the content of the future. We redefine the way we conceive and share our stories, together. We celebrate visual storytellers and supporting industries through screenings, exhibits, creative labs, master classes, immersive art installations, music, and live events.

FilmGate Interactive 8 will take place on December 3rd through 5th, 2021 in Miami and Miami Beach (Art Basel Week). Since our launch, we have hosted 75 workshops and labs, showcased the works of 200+ creatives, and co-produced over 20 creative projects. Our programming is focused on the issues of our region that resonate internationally: climate change, social justice, accessibility, and equality. We search for originality, innovation, and boldness, as we shape new roads for humanity.

FilmGate Interactive presents FPOR Awards

BEST Interactive Screening Narrative - Interactive, immersive or cross-platform project, which employees new tech in the most innovative and organic way to tell a great story

BEST Interactive Documentary - Interactive, immersive or cross-platform project. This year we are especially interested in projects on the following themes: science and art, artificial intelligence, environmental conservation, gun control.

BEST Interactive Exhibit - Interactive, immersive or cross platform project, deliverable and participant-ready

BEST Interactive Music event - for the best immersive or cross platform event, where music is the driving force

AUDIENCE AWARD - Presented to any FILMGATE 2020 screening or event that receives most votes from festival attendees.


FILMGATE INTERACTIVE invites fiction and non fiction interactive and immersive story producers to submit their latest projects for consideration.

Projects MUST BE interactive or immersive or be told across multiple platforms. Non exclusive examples of such stories are: web projects, mobile apps, games, multi-media installations and multi-platform works.

To be eligible for consideration:

Entrants must comply with submission deadlines, entry material and other requirements.

Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted in lieu of subtitles.

Works of all lengths are eligible.

In addition to completing all required fields in the online submission form, you must provide an estimated budget to set up and present your work at Filmgate Interactive, as well as all technical riders, space, and other requirements. Please account of rehearsal dates and set up times in your budget.

Any work submitted as a “work-in-progress” must be completed prior to its screening at Filmgate Interactive 2016. "Work-in-progress" can also be eligible for our Pink Kraken Lab and the Pink Kraken Last Tentacle Award.


All submissions must include the following:

An online official Filmgate Interactive “Entry Form” properly completed (available at

We prefer online submissions, let's be good to the environment. If you must submit hard copies, please submit 2 DVDs, thumb drive or Blu Ray Discs to Filmgate Interactive, 90 NW 29th Street, Miami, FL 33127. The DVDs should be formatted for multi-zone or for Zone 1 (North America) and labeled with the work’s title, running time, format (PAL or NTSC), and your name.

The submissions may be a video walkthrough of the app, game or story experience.

Filmgate Interactive reserves the right to disqualify any submission which does not arrive at Filmgate Interactive’s shipping destination by the established deadlines. You will receive a confirmation from Filmgate Interactive that we have received your submission. You can email us at, if you have not received a confirmation of your submission to Filmgate Interactive.

Submission materials will not be returned and will be destroyed or discarded by Filmgate Interactive

If you are submitting more than one work, each submission must be delivered on separately and accompanied by its own completed online form. Please do not send any compilation DVD, CD-R, or thumb drive composed of works for separate submissions; they will be deemed ineligible.


Selected works will be notified by email via the information provided with the submission.


If your work is selected, you must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by Filmgate Interactive.

You must execute a release agreement provided by Filmgate Interactive wherein you (i) accept responsibility for obtaining any and all clearances necessary to exhibit your work at Filmgate Interactive; (ii) warrant that you have the rights necessary to exhibit your work at Filmgate Interactive; and (iii) indemnify and hold harmless Filmgate Interactive, its parent company, its affiliates, and subsidiaries and any of their respective directors, officers, employees, and representatives against any claim arising out of exhibition of your work at Filmgate Interactive.

You must deliver to the address(es) designated by Filmgate Interactive all materials and other relevant information for your work to be appropriately displayed during Filmgate Interactive. Final format/media/spec requirements for any given work may be different from and in addition to the formats delivered during the submission process.

Please note that if the actual costs and required technical/space requirements to set up and exhibit your work are in excess of the estimates you provide with your submission form, Filmgate Interactive reserves the right to decline to exhibit your work at the Filmgate Interactive.

You must provide all press and publicity assets as specified in our “Materials Checklist”, provided Filmgate Interactive.

All selected works that are exhibited as part of the Filmgate Interactive are eligible for any award(s) that may be given in connection with the Filmgate Interactive (awards are not guaranteed and are determined in Fimgate Interactive's discretion).

All submissions must be sent (applicable customs fees MUST be prepaid) to:

Filmgate Interactive
90 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL

Overall Rating
  • Andres Rovira

    FilmGate Interactive Festival was incredible, especially given the fact that it occurred this year during the pandemic. Unfortunately, our team was unable to physically attend, however, the FilmGate exceeded our expectations in so many ways. They were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process, decorated our demo area better (and unexpectedly) than we could have ever imagined. We are humbled and grateful to have taken part in such a fantastic event.

    January 2021
  • Nasreen Alkhateeb

    FilmGate's programming team was warm and welcoming. I appreciated their responsive staff, the ease of the application process, and the fact that they covered my hotel and travel. The interactive environment they fostered allowed me to experience new film making tools, and participate with other media makers that was memorable.

    September 2016
  • Jeremy Ho

    After being accepted, we submitted the relevant materials, and the email correspondence ended there. We later realised we were dropped from the festival without a word.

    May 2016
    Response from festival:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I trust you are well. We just checked our records. What they indicate is that your submission was missing information and we asked for these materials before we made our final decision. Our final decision was ultimately no, party because we are a young Festival with limited resources and your project did not fit perfectly in our programming.

    We apologize for the miscommunication. We make it a point to respond to all inquiries and of course to communicate with every filmmaker, show respect and care to their project and their craft.

    We have our rejection letters automated and we are deeply sorry that somehow you did not receive yours.

    Once again, we do hope that you continue being a friend of the Festival and please contact us with your next project. We will gladly wave the submission fee.

    Warm regards,

    The FilmGate Crew