FILMETRY: a Festival of Poetry and Film is an annual collaborative art-making endeavor that pairs filmmakers with poets to create exciting new pieces of work. Filmmakers are invited to synthesize and adapt poetic work into film with only one rule: a commitment to including the text of the poem, in full, in the finished piece. The hope is that through this collaboration, both artistic partners can witness not just an adaptation of a written piece into audiovisual media, but the transformation of the original piece into something wholly new.

PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING. The festival invites filmmakers to create new work from specific poems available on our website. Work created from poetry not on this list will be disqualified.

In its 5th year, FILMETRY will invite curated work adapted from poetry engaged with cinema. Visit copy paste this link: (password: filmetry2023) to view selected work for adaptation.

1st prize: $250
2nd prize: $150
3rd prize: $100

- IMPORTANT: FILMMAKERS MUST MAKE NEW WORK FROM APPROVED LIST OF POEMS BELOW. Film submissions that are not adaptations of the approved poems will not be considered.
- Recommended run time of 3-5 minutes.
- The text of the poem must be included in the finished piece in full, in the original order.
- The text may be spoken or appear on screen but must match the original written piece.
- Works in progress are not accepted.
- Authors grant filmmakers a one-time license to adapt their work for "Filmetry: a Festival of Poetry and Film" only. Further broadcast or dissemination (whether in future festivals, distribution online, or any other use) requires the explicit permission from the author.

The 2023 Filmetry Festival work will be based on selected work engaged with cinema.

Explore the work available to adapt for Filmetry 2023 (copy/paste link into browser): Password: filmetry2023

Free submission waiver: filmetry2023

Overall Rating
  • Kathryn Darnell

    Nice festival organized by people who care about poetry, care about film and care about the two coming together.

    October 2022