Philly Film Showcase is an ongoing local Philadelphia filmmaker series which began in December 2013. Screening monthly at the Prince Theater, the series provides a venue for local filmmakers of all ages, levels and backgrounds to showcase their work and elicit audience feedback.

The series serves as a vehicle to encourage and identify new talented filmmakers from throughout the region. Submissions to the series and admission to screenings are free of charge in an effort to cultivate accessibility and community involvement.

Submissions are ongoing; notification dates may vary.

**Deadlines, Event Dates, and Announcement Dates listed to the right are erroneous.**

Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers Only.

Films eligible to be screened during the Philly Film Showcase must have a significant connection to the Greater Philadelphia area. This series is intended for films produced in the Greater Philadelphia Area or with local filmmakers on the production team. If selected, one or more members of the crew must be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.

Films are curated based on genre, content, and theme. Notification dates will vary.

Overall Rating
  • Aleksandra Svetlichnaya

    I've had the privilege of having two of my short films screened with the Philly Film Showcase - so far! As a Philly filmmaker and actor, it's been a great outlet for sharing my work with a local audience at a live screening. As awesome as the internet is, nothing can compare to watching a film live and experiencing it with everyone else there, and I'm so grateful that the Philly Film Showcase exists to provide that opportunity. It can be hard sometimes for independent filmmakers to meet other like-minded individuals, and the Philly Film Showcase is also a great event for meeting other locals involved in the film industry and making professional connections. I am happy, and honored, to have been able to be a part of the Philly Film Showcase and I hope that it's around for many more years to come!

    March 2018
  • Michael Scannapieco

    It was a great experience! Thanks!

    February 2017
  • A great event in conjunction with the city-wide First Friday celebration of local arts. Since it's inception the audience reception has grown steadily. Deeply honored to have our film included in this program.

    January 2017