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Become a champion and make your next draft the best script it can be!

Film Writer invites you to its Tournament, open to film & TV scripts of all genres. Film Writer judges each script for its own merits within its format (short, feature or pilot), and the highest ranked scripts advance to the following round.

VPF Sponsorship: Every entry will be awarded at least one Pitch! VPF is a platform for TV/Film professionals seeking scripts and writers to represent. With VPF, writers can submit Written Pitches to 500+ networks/studios, producers and agents with the assurance of a guaranteed response.

Every entry also receives valuable analysis and feedback from an experienced screenwriter and filmmaker with a vast understanding of Hollywood and International cinema & TV.

In the first round, Film Writer reads and evaluates the first 10 pages of every script. Half of the score depends on the quality of the writing. The other half reflects the interest and motivation that the script generates to keep reading. The entries that cross a scoring threshold (determined by the quantity and quality of entries) advance to the semifinals.

In the second round, Film Writer reads and evaluates the next 10 pages of every semifinalist script. Half of the score again grades the quality of the writing and half, the enticement the work generates to read more and discover what happens to its story and characters beyond page 20.

Up to five scripts with the highest scores for their first 20 pages advance to the finals, where Film Writer reads and evaluates the whole text. Half of the score reflects the quality and the other half, the satisfaction and entertainment value generated by each complete script and the anticipation it generates to someday watch it onscreen.

The finalist script with the highest score rises as the tournament champion.

Along with your entry fee, you may choose Film Writer's base service for your script. This entails reading a full feature-length or TV pilot draft, providing proofreading, analysis and at least two pages of notes that highlight strengths, needs and suggestions for development and improvement.

The tournament champion wins 10 Pitches on VPF. All other finalists win 5 Pitches on VPF. All other entries receive 1 Pitch on VPF after the end of the tournament.

The champion also wins a 100% discount voucher for Film Writer’s base service (valued at $200 USD) that can be used for the tournament entry, a newer draft or even a different script written by the same author, as well as a $50 USD gift card for screenwriting software or books (from a specialized online store).

The champion and the other finalists receive digital award certificates for their accomplishment in the tournament.

Each finalist receives one page of notes assessing the whole script.

Each finalist also receives a 100% discount voucher for one 30-minute call or web session with Film Writer (valued at $40 USD), valid after purchasing the base service for a script.

Every entry to the tournament receives a few lines of feedback, highlighting both the strong points and the elements that would benefit from further development in the first 10 pages. Semifinalists receive additional lines of feedback for their first 20 pages.

Every entrant also receives a $10 USD discount for Film Writer’s base service. If you add the base service option at checkout with your entry, the discount has already been applied (and with even greater savings for FilmFreeway Gold members). If you pay only for your entry fee, you will receive a discount voucher at a later date.

Champion and finalists will be announced and promoted on Film Writer’s blog, website and social media. Publications may include a brief text highlighting the strengths and merits of the champion script.

* Please note that all of Film Writer’s discount vouchers are single-use, non-transferable, non-cumulative and will expire 60 days after issue date. They have no cash value and cannot be traded or sold.

1. The Film Writer Tournament is open to all writers, 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law.

2. Entries must be written in English.

3. Film Writer will not accept entries or entry fees by email or in any other way outside of FilmFreeway.

4. Any entrant with a prior working or networking relationship with Film Writer or Pilgrim Falcon Productions will not be able to advance to the semifinals. (Considered by entry date.)

5. Scripts can be for short films, feature films or TV pilots. The accepted page count is from 25 to 120 pages (45 to 125 when purchasing the base service). Please enter full scripts and use standard format. Partial or unfinished scripts will not be able to advance to the final round.

6. The original entry will be used for the entire tournament. There will be no substitutions, corrections or updated drafts allowed during the competition.

7. An entrant may enter more than one script, but duplicates (even if different drafts) are not allowed and only one version will be considered.

8. The script and the story must be the original work of the entrant. The characters must also be original or be considered from the “public domain” (in general terms, works with expired copyright, published before 1927).

9. The author must have the necessary rights and permission to portray real events, places, brands and people. If not, please fictionalize those elements.

10. The use of any copyrighted character from existing films, shows, books or any other medium will disqualify the entry (unless the entrant created them).

11. The entrant is solely responsible for any liability affecting the entry and its content.

12. The non-critical portrayal of extreme violence, hate or pornography will disqualify the entry.

13. Scripts already produced or sold do not qualify for entry. Optioned scripts may enter.

14. Disqualified entries will not receive complimentary notes or discount vouchers and will not be refunded.

15. A script may have co-writers, but only one person’s name will be considered as the official entrant for discount vouchers and redeemable prizes.

16. The script may include a cover page with title and author’s name (optional). No other personal information is necessary.

17. Entrants that advance to second round or better agree to the publication of their names and script titles. The winner also agrees to the publication of a short review of the winning entry.

18. Film Writer will not upload or share any script, fully or partially. At the end of the competition, Film Writer will erase all entries.

19A. Although not required, it is recommended to register your scripts at the copyright office or writers guild before submitting to this competition (or elsewhere). Visit for more information.

19B. Please notice that Film Writer has no interest or need in copying ideas, plots or characters. You acknowledge that any perceived similarity of an entry with current or future projects by Film Writer, its clients or related companies is purely coincidental and inconsequent.

20. The evaluation method by Film Writer strives for objectivity, but total scores still depend on subjectivity (as in any other writing contest). All decisions are final.

21. Entry fees will not be waived or refunded under any circumstance.

22. Any situation not covered by these rules will be resolved unilaterally and irrevocably by Film Writer.