Film Shortage is home to the next generation of filmmakers, premiering some of the best and most diverse short films online. Featuring mind-blowing new shorts daily from the freshest minds today.

Selected films will be featured on our Daily Picks, or our Weekly Features. The films also get a chance to be added to our coveted Vimeo Channel or our growing YouTube Channel. We work closely with the filmmakers of the selected films to prepare the best possible online release (or re-release) through our combined social media reach.

What does your film need to be featured?
Simply enough it needs to be good! We like well scripted stories, and we like them even better if they are well shot! Although we encourage narrative shorts, we will accept any type of short film if we think it is exceptional. We accept shorts of any budget category, but strongly encourage low-budget productions with strong values.

What length do you accept short films?
We accept films under 45 minutes, but remember, an online audience is already difficult to keep focus – so as a general rule, the longer the film is, the better it needs to be.

Does my paid submission automatically get selected?
Film Shortage is a curated website, and part of our job is to carefully hand pick through the submissions the films that stand out the most. Unfortunately that means that not all submissions get selected.

Can I get reimbursed?
The submission fee covers our reviewer’s time to watch and score your film, therefore the submissions are non-refundable.

Which formats do you accept?
You can submit a film for revision via any web viewable format, but if selected we may ask that the film be transferred to Vimeo or YouTube. We can possibly post the film on our YouTube.

When will I know if my submission got selected?
You should get a response within 3-4 business days.

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