★ IMDb Qualifying Festival ★

We are a festival who care to celebrate the best ideas from minority indie film/video-storytellers: If you're neuro-diverse, alternately abled, Indigenous, LGBT+, youth or any other minority, we want to hear you and honour the excellence of your ideas.

For this 3rd edition we are fundraising to create a "Legion Experience Museum" in Toronto (Toronto's first educational and multi-sensory Legion war Museum). Please submit to support the veterans and their stories. 50% of fees will go to our museum fund.

*It's totally worth submitting because... we watch and write a review for ALL submissions.

IMPORTANT: Please subscribe to our social media and especially our festival's YouTube channel in order to partake!

ALSO: We will not respond to emails regarding fee waivers. Running a festival and reviewing all submissions is costly and time consuming even though we love it.
However please note there is a category for sanctioned countries to submit.


This event's Founder, Organiser and Judge is an award winning multi-medium storyteller/artist. Autism is an important theme to the festival, and our founder is on the spectrum.

We currently have main 9 award categories.

Overall Favourite
Favourite DOC
Favourite FICTION
Favourite YOUTH
Favourite LGBTQ+

1) All films must be subtitled (embedded) in English if the main language is not English.

2) Technical details of all the films (release year, format, genre, duration, camera, country of origin) are crucial information for the festival, any submission lacking these will not be given priority, if the submitter is unresponsive to such information requests, the films can be disqualified.

3) A maximum of 2 films per submitter will be considered. Each submission must be clearly labelled: (filmmaker name, submission number, film title, year of film's release and country of production/release).

4) All filmmakers give the organisers full rights to stream/use any part of their films and reference to titles, cast and crew names in the reviews and relevant festival websites.

5) All young filmmakers (under 18) must be prepared to provide contact details of a legal guardian (over 18) should we request them.

6) Filmmakers should be aware that we do not require DVD's posted (unless specifically requested) we deal with high quality downloadable digital screeners. Also, awards will not be monetary - certificates / trophies will be posted out to filmmakers who cannot attend, at the filmmaker's expense. Reviews will be organised at the Festival's discretion and any file transfers will take place online via email. The festival cannot pay filmmakers (fees or expenses) to attend the event.

7) Our festival will retain all festival streaming/screening rights to submitted works. Plus we will require downloads of publicity materials to be used for promotional purposes at the Festival's discretion. We will not upload your full works onto YouTube, but clips and scenes at our discretion might.

8) We do not require premiere status, however all screenings and accolades a film has already received must be listed for each to be considered. We prefer films with less exposure, no older than 3 years since first release.

9) In order to partake in our festival we require submitters to subscribe to our festival YouTube channel - we are creating a community of filmmakers. Some of your PR material will be uploaded to our channel at the discretion of our panel. If you are not subscribed we will remove your work and potentially retain the right to disqualify you from the festival.

10) Partly due to COVID-19 awareness, a venue for the festival has not been confirmed yet, this can vary at the festival's discretion however it is very likely to take place in Toronto, Canada. The festival is intended for March 13th 2021, but this may change under the circumstances. The festival will do their best to run the event as described.

By submitting any works all submitters agree to all the above.

Overall Rating
  • Our film "Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh" got the award for Best Experimental Film which is a huge encouragement for us. We thank the entire festival team with our hearts.

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Our privilege having you.

  • Ray Jacobs

    This was a great example of what an online festival should be like. Personal, friendly, sharing great enthusiasm for all the films selected and shown. I spent a delightful day watching films, hearing from other film makers and sharing in the joy of watching film. As well as this the festival kindly reviewed our film and communication throughout was excellent. Congrats Film only Film on a brilliant festival and festival experience.

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Ray, we tried or best!

  • Matthew Agustin

    Great Festival. Glad they selected my short documentary!

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    It was a fantastic short, thanks Matthew

  • Gillian Harker

    A wonderful festival that supports new and emerging filmmakers. Once selected, the festival send you reviews of your film from two different judges, and their feedback is constructive and positive. I'd recommend submitting to this festival. It seems to be a festival looking to build a community of filmmakers, sharing work and supporting each other. A nice team.

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Our pleasure Gillian

  • Anna Czarska

    Great festival! Very communicative and obviously care about the filmmakers in their festival. Lovely people who run it. Thanks for havng us!

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Our privilege having you