Film Junction Film Festival is on a lookout for emerging and diverse talent with a creative eye and a powerful story. We are focused at promoting new creatives, especially film students and entrants in the industry. We have opened submissions for short films and welcome entries from around the globe and all genres.

All films will be judged by our panel of curators. Each curator will rate the film on a pre-discussed criteria. Highest ranking films will be selected and showcased at our festival. Further, certain films will also get a chance to be featured on our upcoming streaming platform.

All selected films will receive laurels and certificates. Films ranked the highest in each category will be awarded.

Best Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Idea
Best Sound
Best Animation
Best Experimental
Best Narrative

By submitting to the festival, you agree to all Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Film Junction is an upcoming streaming and networking platform focused on student filmmakers and entrants in the industry.

Certain selected films will get the chance to become part of our 'First Stone' series and be the focus of the platform's launch. A physical screening and festival will be held in London where these films will be showcased and screened. All filmmakers will be presented with invites to the screening.

Laurels, certificates and Awards will be awarded to the award winners and selected films.


Films submitted to the Film Junction Film Festival are judged on their artistic merit and technical quality. Each submitted film goes through a careful judging process.

Curation Process:

Each curator rates the film based on a pre-decided criteria. The ratings will then be totalled and the highest ranking films will be selected for the festival. We ensure to conduct a fair and non-biased judgement of all films.

There will also be an Audience Choice category : The audience will rate each film based on different categories. All ratings will be totalled and the highest ranking film will be awarded.


Please read carefully the Submission points and proceed accordingly.

• Submissions must be in Full HD (1920 x 1980) or HDV (1280 x 720). Exceptions may be made please specify.

• Submissions must be no longer than 10 minutes.

• All submitted films should be not more than 5 years old by July 2022.

• All films must have English subtitles (.SRT) or burned.

• We accept films that have been shown at other festivals.

• The judging panel is entirely independent of the festival committee and their decision is final.

• The festival reserves the right to use brief clips, 10% or shorter, from the selected films to promote the festival on media and other related promotions.

• Entrants shall inform the festival of any changes to contact details.

• Send us a downloadable link such as a google drive link, a or any similar longer period files.


Please send the following when your film has been selected and you have been notified:

• Downloadable link of your movie

• Movie Trailer or a Movie Clip

• Film synopsis

• Director’s info: Biography and a picture

• At least three high quality film images

• High quality movie poster


• Submission to Film Junction Film Festival constitutes agreement to all Rules & Terms contained in this page and your consent that your film be considered for any awards that may be given at the Festival.

• Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained.

• By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from Film Junction Film Festival after the film has been accepted.

• By submitting, you agree for the film to be streamed on the Film Junction website ( for 3 years. If you wish to remove it, you can do so by emailing .The film will be removed within a 3 week period of being notified. If the website becomes commercialized at some point within these 3 years, the filmmaker will be contacted and offered a percentage of the profit earned through the views on their content.

• By submitting, you agree for the film to be screened at the Film Junction Film Festival physical screening in London.

• By submitting, the filmmaker agrees for their contact details to be kept on record and to receive emails from Film Junction.

• All copyrights belong to the filmmaker.

• By submitting, you confirm that your film does not contain any material that could be considered harmful or offensive to its intended audience

Material release statement

As the producers authorised representative, I accept the conditions as set out on the festival website and I grant its organisers the rights to publicly display the material during the Film Junction Film Festival as well as to use footage for any promotional from the film/video and its publicity materials for associated promotional purposes.