While we intend to have a live-screening in 2021, we will be running virtual screenings through our channel on Eventive in the meantime to spotlight Georgia films. You can find our page here: https://watch.eventive.org/filmimpactgeorgia

If you have any questions, please reach out to info@filmimpactgeorgia.org.

About Film Impact Georgia:
Film Impact Georgia is a nonprofit that is uniquely dedicated to using our strength, reputation, and actions to help provide voice to those making independent films in Georgia. Georgia’s industry anchor, Atlanta, for so long has been known as “the city too busy to hate.” What we don’t want to do, however, is ignore that we come from many different walks of life, racial backgrounds, socio-economic groups, religions, and points of view. We must not forget that everyone’s personal experiences are different, and there are strengths in our differences. The opportunities are not the same. We want to make sure that the people who are making films here in Georgia get to say what they need and, more importantly, get the opportunity to also be a working part of the change and growth that is happening.

If there are any questions, if anything below is unclear, we highly encourage emailing us before submitting. It's your money, it's your work. It's okay to ask if you aren't sure (just be sure your question hasn't already been answered).


1. Films must have been completed after January 1, 2016

2. The filmmaker must be located in Georgia, or the film must have been shot in Georgia.

3. Multiple submissions are permitted. Each submission must be accompanied by a separate entry and fee.

4. Secure Online Screeners including Vimeo (preferred) and Youtube are accepted for preview screening. No other media will be accepted for preview.

5. Submissions may be updated with a newer cut at anytime. However, Film Impact Georgia cannot guarantee that the judges will have time to re-watch films once they've been judged.

6. A full refund will be granted for requests made within 72 hours of submitting to Film Impact Georgia. No refunds will be honored once the 72 hour window has passed. This includes films that are removing themselves for consideration to preserve their premiere status, to meet the requirements of another film festival, or as requested by a distributor.

7. Submissions that violate the rules & terms above may be disqualified from consideration at the discretion of Film Impact Georgia programmers, and submission fees will not be refunded.


1. Selected films grant Film Impact Georgia the right to use stills and excerpts for promotional purposes.

2. At the time of screening at Film Impact Georgia, Filmmakers must hold the festival rights to all copyrighted music in their films.

3. All selected films must be available for exhibition as a digital file. Films must be available for download. BLU-RAY AND DVD WILL NOT BE SCREENED FOR EXHIBITION.