The festival is to be held in the city of Petrozavodsk, capital of the Karelian Republic, which is a territorial entity of the Russian Federation and will introduce best works by film-directors aiming at younger and middle-age generation.

Contacts for information:
cell.: +7-953-525-88-95

Screenings also will be held in other cities of the Karelian Republic.

All the festival films entering the contest programme will be dubbed by professional actors at the festival organizers expense! (Reading subtitles might be a struggle for many kids and teenagers).
Also, dubbing - it's your professional way in Russian cinema distribution.


- Best Feature Film
- Best Short Film
- Best Feature Animation
- Best Short Animation
- Best Documentary
- The People's Choice

Festival prize-winners are entitled with the right to use Russian-language soundtrack for further distribution of their films in the Russian Federation and CIS countries!

We accept works that reveal contemporary youth problems targeting, first of all, at 7-18 age group, as well as works designed for family viewing. Also we call for entries films aiming to middle-age (20-35 years old) auditorium.

The jury will comprise not only film-makers, distributors and creative intellectuals but also experienced educators and social workers.

Full-length features, short-length films, as well as animated films and documentaries that have never been run in Russian Federation cinema-theaters or TV are accepted to contest.

Foreign production films must be submitted with the English subtitles and editorial scripts. (M&E soundtrack with a separate speech track will help us make dubbing quicker and with higher quality).

Overall Rating
  • Yuno Shamilov

    Замечательный фестиваль, с хорошим вкусом подобранных картин!

    December 2018
  • It was a great experience for me.

    November 2017
  • Mattia Trabucchi

    I was really sad that despital all the effort of the Festival I could not come to the festival even if they really try to get me there! I hope it will be for another time! Thanks a lot Vassilli!

    November 2017
  • Violetta Moshkova

    The festival was great experiences ! Very professional and also a lot of fun ) Good stay and communication, friendly atmosphere, beautiful city ! Selection of amazing movies

    November 2017
  • Ricardo Oliveira

    Unfortunately, because I couldn't attend the festival, I can only give a overall review and rank the online communication between me and the festival (which was amazing). Thank you for the selection and for the award. Hope to visit really soon.

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the amazing film. We will pleased to see you in the next year! You are welcome!