We are a student-run organization hosting an annual festival that exhibits films created by UC Davis students. Aside from the Festival, we also host a number of workshops, screenings, and performances leading up to our flagship event in Spring. Our goal is to share and cultivate the joy of cinema and filmmaking. We hope to enrich cultural participation across our campus and the larger community.

YOU CAN ACCESS A FEE WAIVER BY EMAILING ucdavisfilmfestival@gmail.com

Awards are awarded by the faculty on the second night of the Festival. Awards from previous years include: Best Documentary, Best Animation, and Best Screenplay.

There is also an Audience Choice Award and a Crew Choice Award, also known as the Golden Aggie.

There will be raffles at the Festival, open to all participants and viewers.

Must be a student at UC Davis or recent (within last year) graduate. Please view this document to determine your eligibility and requirements for submission. IF YOU ARE NOT A UC DAVIS STUDENT OR RECENT GRADUATE YOUR FILM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Submit your film from an @udavis.edu email address in order to be considered eligible for the film festival.

• Only films made by a UC Davis student within the past 24 months are eligible. We will accept films from students who have graduated and whose films were made while at UC Davis.
• Films may be no longer than 8 minutes, including credits.
• A free waiver code can be accessed by emailing ucdavisfilmfestival@gmail.com

Format for Submissions:
• Please submit your film on filmfreeway.com before 11:59 P.M., April 12, 2019
• Only .mov or MP4 files accepted.
• Filmmakers are required to submit their work in HD with the following specifications:
o Resolution: 1920x1080
o Codec: Apple ProRes 422 or .H264
o Aspect ratio: 16:9/ widescreen
o Frame rate: 24 (23.976) or 30 (29.97) frames per second - consistent with acquisition format
o Provide a still/image that represents your film.

Deadline for Submission: April 12th
• Submissions will be online through filmfreeway.com
• On FilmFreeway, create an account with your UC Davis email address. Upload your film directly to FilmFreeway, and submit to the Film Festival at UC Davis.
• It is mandatory to fill out all the credits options for your film on FilmFreeway. If they are not filled out, you will be contacted to update that information.

Information on Copyrights, Performer Agreements and Other legal Permissions
Copyright and permissions relating to filmmaking is complicated and should be something you think about from pre- to post-production. The UC Davis Film Festival is a 'public performance' under US copyright law, and you must have copyright licenses and other permissions in place before you submit your film for consideration. While UC Davis can provide some general information, by submitting your film you are promising that you have obtained all necessary copyright licenses and other permissions from participants in the film and for all music or third party content (such as clips from other films), as well as location permits and other required documents, and that you are financially responsible for any legal problems that might result from not having done so or not doing it properly.

First, you need a written agreement(s) with the scriptwriter(s), songwriter(s), producer(s), director(s), camera operator(s), editor(s) and anyone else who is making a creative contribution, as they could own part of the copyright if you don’t and therefore control what you can do with it.

Second, make sure you have written permission from the property owner of any location you use to film.

Third, you should obtain a performer agreement from every actor or musician who performs. (Sample: http://media.breakdownexpress.com/attachment/2011/9/1046333230108.pdf)

Fourth, if there is any pre-existing content in the film such as film clips, artwork on the walls, or preexisting music, you may need written permission of the copyright owner to that.

Music in films is extremely complicated. One easy solution is to use original music written and performed for the film using the performer agreement above. There are also some online resources for music which the copyright owners are willing to share at no fee if you don’t have original music. One resource you might consider is SmartSound. http://www.smartsound.com/

Note: You can find sample agreements on the web, and NoloPress publishes “The Copyright Handbook” which has forms. Also, as a member of ASUCD you are entitled to a free legal consult with an attorney, and you may want to take advantage of that for your film. To make an appointment, contact ASUCD.