The FIPILI Horror Festival held in Livorno, festival of the fear in cinema and literature, will reach its 12th edition in 2023. One of a kind, this cultural event has a particular focus on the “Fear” in all its forms and nuances: film showings of movies and short movies (horror, thriller, fantasy and sci-fi as genres) for the cinematographic area; the presentation and the reading of works for the literary area, besides art exhibitions and theatrical performances.

The festival is a real horror marathon and every day there will be:
– premiere showings for Italy, with both great classics and little cult movies;
– film showing and presentation of the short movies submitted to the two national contests (horror/thriller and fantastic/sci-fi) and to the one specifically dedicated to works of foreign production;
– meetings with national and international guests (writers, filmmakers, actors, illustrators, psychologists);
– readings of literary works;
– lectio magistralis;
– daily workshops (creative writing, filmmaking and special effects for the cinema);
– literary contest for tales and poems with “fear” as main theme;
– theatrical performances;
– exhibitions of contemporary art, of posters and other horror cinemabilia;
– conferences.

The beating heart of the festival lies in the meetings with distinguished guests, experts of various fields, and in the presentation of independent works by young authors, who put themselves on the line to reach a good visibility and celebrate the lively art reality in the city of Livorno.

In its first ten years of life, the FIPILI Horror Festival has welcomed, besides the ones from Livorno thousands of people from all over Italy. Hundreds of artists were involved in the festival and participated directly in the activities or attended the festival through videos. Among the others, we can mention Dario Argento, George A. Romero, Elio Germano, Dalia Colli, Pupi Avati, Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Tim Willocks, Aldo Lado, Sergio Stivaletti, Enzo Sciotti, Fabio Frizzi, i Manetti Bros., Luigi Cozzi, Claudio Simonetti.

The works selected for the purposes of the competition will be screened during the event and the following prizes will be awarded by the jury:

Best International Short Film: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Horror short film: prize plate + prize worth 600 €.
Best Italian Horror Performance: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Horror Makeup / Special Effects: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Horror Story: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Thriller Short Film: prize plate + prize worth 600 €.
Best Italian Thriller Performance: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Thriller Makeup / Special Effects: prize plate released by the jury.
Best Italian Thriller Story: prize plate released by the jury.

The selection is valid for short films and feature films, both of Italian and international production.
The accepted genres are Horror, Thriller, Horror Sci-Fi, Fatnasy, Comedy Horror, Noir.

The maximum duration of the short film accepted works is 666 seconds (11 minutes and 6 seconds, including opening and closing credits).
Both works in Italian and in foreign languages ​​will be accepted. Works in a foreign language must be accompanied by complete Italian subtitles.
Both published and unpublished works can participate in the competition without any restrictions on the year of production for the short film.

The feature film competition is not competitive. It is possible to send your works for free which will be viewed by the jury and the best selected for a special out-of-competition screening as an Italian showcase of the work.
Feature films not in Italian must be accompanied by subtitles in Italian.

Overall Rating
  • A real true hard-working people and great festivalthank for letting us be part of this

    December 2023
  • Ottima esperienza! Ho conosciuto un sacco di persone fantastiche, sia nell'organizzazione che nel pubblico! Super oganizzati e con un sacco di eventi interessantissimi durante tutto il festival!

    November 2023
  • Nikhail Asnani

    Super cool fest ! Amazing theatre in a wonderful city !

    November 2023
  • Dario Bagatin

    Great festival, excellent organization, interesting programming and overall very professional management. I recommend it

    December 2022
  • Honoured to be part of the official selection of FiPiLi Horror Festival Livorno

    November 2022