Mirrors and Mirages - 14th International African Film Festival in Argentina
Mixed Version #2021

Call for entries for the 14th International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA, for its Spanish initials).

We call on film directors and video artists to send material that would contribute to show new depictions on Africa.

The received material will be selected for the 14ht edition of the International African Film Festival in Argentina, which will take place in October 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Starting in 2007, Observatorio Sur undertook the “Mirrors and Mirages” International Film Series on and from the African continent. In each edition we have selected films based on different subjects to show and debate on history and actuality in the African world.

Given the current epidemiological situation, this year we are organising a mixed version: online and physical Location. Thus, we are also aiming to reach new audiences, beyond the participants from the city of Buenos Aires who usually come to the cinema.

Thematic areas (non-exclusive):
Afro-descendants - African perspectives of the West
Spirituality - cosmovisions - myths - popular festivities
Communitary media - Education - Alternative uses of technologies
Music – arts - performatic arts - literature
Borders – Migrations – Exiles – Refugees
Social movements - Cultural expressions as resistance
Feminisms - reproductive rights – masculinities - sexual diversity
Intergenerational relationships – Youths
Labor market – work experiences
Colonialism - Decolonialism

The Festival will grant the following prizes:

• Best Feature Film Award

• Best Short Film or Medium-Length Award

• Best Kids/Youth Animation film Award

• 2 Jury Mentions in each category

RULES & TERMS / FICAA Rules and Regulations 2021
International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA)

This Festival, organised by Observatorio Sur, aims to promote the culture, history and film production of African directors, Afro-descendants and productions by authors from other countries who open a cinematographic window to the different realities of Africans and Afro-descendants.

Fiction films, documentary films, video art, experimental and animation films are able to participate.

2. DATE: I will take place in October 2021

3. VENUE: Argentina


The Festival programming will include competitive and non-competitive sections. The programmed films will be included in the section considered appropriate by the Selection Committee.

Competitive categories are:
Short films and medium-length film (40 minutes maximum)
Feature film (over 40 minutes)

We are receiving: independent films from African countries or regarding Africa, its people and its diaspora. This year we include the category films for kids and young audience because we want to add material for childhoods.

Please read the guidelines and regulations carefully before submitting your film.

We accept completed films without a limit date of production. Each participant may enter more than one work.
The call is open until July 15, 2020.
Applicants must submit their films filling out the form, through the platform www.filmfreeway.com (Argentinian submission films is free)

If you have any queries regarding the submission guidelines and regulations, please email the Festival at: archivo@observatoriosur.com

Once the work has been pre-selected, the owner must deliver a copy in Hd format for its exhibition at the festival in its best possible quality.

Selected works must send the following materials:

3 photographs of the film (300 dpi).
1 photograph of the director and producer (300 dpi)
Official poster
1 promotional sequence or clip.
Optional materials (Press kit, original music tracks, etc.).

These materials may be published on the Festival's website and social networks for promotional purposes. In the case of texts and audios, they could be used for press, radio and TV broadcasting.

d) We will accept films in their original version, preferably with Spanish subtitles in SRT format, or English subtitles in SRT format. Whether a film with English subtitles is selected, applicants must provide a film transcription for its translation.

Once submitted and selected, a film cannot be removed from the Festival lineup.

The International African Film Festival in Argentina will not pay any screening fee for selected films to be screened in the festival.

g) Directors of the awarded films give permission to the festival organisers to screen their works in future editions and activities of the festival, after consultation with the respective production or distribution companies.

h) Films selected to participate in the Festival may be screened in any of its sections (competition or parallel). The Festival must inform their directors about the section in which their film will be screened.


a) The jury will be made up of personalities from the audiovisual media, the arts and national and / or international culture, Afro-descendant collectives or researchers on the subject.

b) People who are directly related to the works in competition will be disqualified from being part of the jury.

c) The jury's decision is final


The inscription in the International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA) implies the acceptance of the present bases and conditions and the transfer of the projection rights of the material presented for the purposes of the diffusion of this edition, as well as future editions from the material selection date.

Likewise, together with the signing of these bases and conditions, the owner of the work agrees to transfer the rights of projection and reproduction of the same for the purposes of its exhibition at the International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA) (in the national territory or abroad) as well as for its advertising diffusion.


By submitting the application form, the director and/or producer declares that he/she owns the intellectual property and/or exploitation rights of the work. The organisation is not responsible for any infringement of the respective laws regarding this topic.

1) Participants declare that they are the only and real owners of the audiovisual works presented at the Festival, both in the case of being the author and the transferee of the same. In case of falsification in the sworn statement, as they are not the holders of the same, the responsibility for any claim from third parties will be exclusively of the participant who presents the work, with the Festival having nothing to answer to third parties.

2) Participants declare that they have all the rights involved in the work.
agree to indemnify the International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA) against any claim regarding the ownership of the work and/or lack of authorisation regarding the rights contained therein.

3) Participants agree to release the International African Film Festival in Argentina (FICAA) from any claim regarding the ownership of the work and/or lack of authorisation regarding the rights contained therein.