olo Para Cortos bets for the cinema as way of cultural expression, which allows us to bring social reality near to the sensibility and cultural of the current society. We try to encourage the critical spirit by means of the projection of works that present different situations of the social reality.

The International Festival of Social Shortfilms Solo Para Cortos will celebrate the 14th edition on March. The place will be in the Ateneu Popular of 9 Barris - Barcelona.

The festival established to its territory, supports its social commitment in order that the social denunciation continues being a distinctive brand of the project, providing voice to works of difficult access to the commercial circuits of the audio-visual world. Finally, in this new edition the public character will be kept and popularly that has been different of our distinctive features.

To promote the spreading of this type of audio-visual material, we propose the Itinerant festival preserving the philosophy of public festival and of free entrance, reinforcing the already existing nacional and international links, collaborating with similar experiences of the whole world that allow us a strong cultural exchange and they reinforce the internationality of the festival.

Prize of the Jury for BEST FICTION SHORT-FILM
900,00€ + “Cortito” (trophy)

900,00€ + “Cortito”

Prize of the Jury for Best Opera Prima
600,00€ + “Cortito”

600,00€ + “Cortito”

Special Mention for BEST DIRECTION
Diploma of the Festival

Special Mention for BEST SCRIPT
Diploma of the Festival

Diploma of the Festival

S14th International festival of social short films
9 Barris - Barcelona

Shorts of any part of the Earth and further, produced after January 2016 up to the closing call, can participate in the selection process. The works must not have been selected in previous editions of the Festival.

The plot of the work has to deal with social theme, looking at the ‘world that surrounds us’ or the ‘life that we live’ from a critical and delicate point of view. There are two categories: shorts can belong to the category of fiction or to the category of documentary. The category of animation remains excluded of the Festival.

Works of fiction have to be at the most 21 minutes and animation 10 minutes long. The minimum length is up to ideas or budgets of participants.

Short-films that can’t be seen because of technical or format problems won’t be allowed into competition.
All works must attach show subtitles in Castilian, Catalan or English, a text file that includes the time of subtitling (.srt, .sub, .txt). Otherwise they will be considered NOT ACCEPTED.

Authors can send as many works they want with the corresponding Inscription form to the Festival. Received works won’t be returned and will become part of the ‘Cortoteca’ (short-film archive) of the Festival for their promotion. The short-films won’t be used for lucrative or commercial purposes.

Works have to be submitted together with a correctly filled in inscription- form, a photocopy of the identity document of the author or representative of the author/s (Identity Card, Passport, Card of Resident), and two (2) (digital) photographs of the presented work and the subtitle file. Shipping costs will be up to the participant, and the reception of shorts & documents will only be confirmed by e-mail if it is expressly indicated by the participant. SPC-Festival inscription is for free.

To facilitate international shipping, we give you the possibility of sending the works online, using a file hosting service. For those who want to send it through this method, all you have to do is sending an email with the download link to online@soloparacortos.org and all the required documentation in the public call, in digital format (the application form must be properly completed and signed).

Festival Solo Para Cortos proudly accepts entries via FilmFreeway.com.

Addresses for shipment of short-films:
14th Solo Para Cortos Festival
Casal de Joves de Prosperitat
Av. Río de Janeiro 100
08016 Barcelona (Spain)

The term of admission of the works starts on the 26th of September and concludes the 15 of October of 2017.

The SPC-Organization will made a pre-selection of the shorts (taking into account subject, creativity, technique, etc.), which will be presented to Jury to compete for prize.

Among the accepted works the Organization will select shorts for exhibition in the Festival. Some of theme will be selected to enter competition and to opt for one of three (3) Prizes and three (3) Special Mentions granted by the Jury. All the selected works will opt to one (1) Prize of the Public.

Works that win a Prize or a Mention, will become part of the section of Exhibition of the Itinerant Festival, which will be carried out subsequently to the Festival and during 2018-19. The international itinerary will be announced in the web space of the Festival www.soloparacortos.org.

The Organization of the Festival designates a Jury which is formed by one (1) representative of the Organization and by seven (7) professionals of the cinematography and social field , who will be the persons in charge to grant the three (3) Prizes of the Jury and three (3) Mentions. The assistants to the Festival will decide by vote-system the Prize of the Public: those works which have been already selected for the Prizes. The verdict of the three (3) Prizes and three (3) Mentions will be unappealable.

The Prizes of the Festival consist of:
- Best Short-film: 900 Euros + ‘Cortito’ (statuette).
- Best Animation: 900 Euros + ’Cortito’.
- Prize of the Public: 600 Euros + ‘Cortito’.
- Prize ‘Opera Prima’ (first work): 600 Euros+ ‘Cortito’.
- Mention Best Direction: Diploma.
- Mention Best Script: Diploma.
- Mention Best Interpretation: Diploma.

The Prize 'Opera Prima' is granted to an author who carries out his first work.

To pick the Prize up the presence of the director or his representative in the Ceremony ‘Delivery of Prizes’ must be essential. The Organization will communicate the verdict to the winners with enough time to facilitate their displacements and confirmations of assistance.

The participation in this 14th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SOCIAL SHORT-FILMS implies total acceptance of these Conditions. All the works that do not comply with these requirements remain ‘automatically’ and regrettably discarded.

Any situation or incidence that hasn’t been foreseen when agreeing on these conditions will be solved according to criterion of the Organization of the Festival.

Barcelona, 15 of September 2017

Overall Rating
  • Roberto Burd

    A very nice festival in the heart of Catalunya, Solo Para Cortos made a great film selection this year! Thanks everyone for the hospitality and hope to be there again soon! All the best!

    April 2017
  • Elin Ohlin

    Great festival with friendly staff!

    April 2017
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Great to take a part at your fantastic festival. Staff were amazing and communication is best. thanks

    April 2017
  • luis sebastian castro garrote

    excelent people and organization , luis castro,, good comunication

    April 2017
  • It was great to be included as one of very few films, and fewer American films. We won "Special mention for Best Screenplay" as listed on their website, and was told that attendance as not mandatory to receive the award. I was told that they would mail it to me, but several months and several un-answered emails later, I have never received anything. Good quality films, but if you won, don't expect to get your award.

    July 2016