Prairie View A&M Universities second annual film contest. The Competition will be short form completely shot on a mobile device. The screenings and workshops will be held on October 29, 2016.

For the “Festival on the Hill” short-film competition, you and a team will be required to write, shoot, and edit a film, by the October 16th deadline using a single or multiple mobile devices. Only submissions by registered participants through our separate online registration will be judged and eligible for prizes. There are three elements that must be included in the work. Registered participants have been given the appropriate elements that must be included in the submission.

All films must be submitted by 9:00 pm CST on Sunday, October 16th. LATE ENTRIES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION.

The films will be screened on October 29th, 2016 at Prairie View A&M University’s Memorial Student Center Ballroom as part of an all-day film and media festival. The festival will also include free film-making workshops, networking opportunities, and an awards ceremony for the top entries. Winners must be in attendance on October 29th to receive awards.
Student Film Competition FAQs

How much does it cost to enter?

There is no cost to participate in this competition, but you must register and complete the related forms in order for your film to be considered.

What should the film be about?

The film can be about anything; however, the assigned character, prop, and line of dialogue must be included in your film. The film can fit within any genre you choose.

Who can participate?

Students (any major) and recent graduates (within the past 3 years) from all invited institutions can participate in the film festival. Everyone working on the film must be a volunteer. No one can be paid for his/her work.

How many people can work in a group?

There is no limit on group size for this competition; however, please be sure that at least one member of your group must be physically present for the awards ceremony on Oct. 29th. You should also keep in mind that winners will be asked to share prizes with their fellow team members.

Can I work alone?

Yes, solo entries will be accepted.

What if I don’t want to enter the competition, but I still want to attend the festival?

If you are not participating in the competition, you are still welcome to attend the workshops, film screenings, and other events scheduled on October 29th; however, you should still complete the online registration form so that we can get an accurate count of who will be attending.

How long does the film need to be?

Films must be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes, including credits.

How am I supposed to use the character, prop, and line of dialogue?

It’s totally up to you! The reason we assign these required elements is to ensure that all participants are abiding by the rules given. You can integrate these elements into your film in any way you’d like. The important thing is that all three MUST be included.

Can I shoot in HD?

Both Standard and High Definition are acceptable formats.

Can I include animation?

The contest requires that the project is completely shot on a mobile device. Animation should not constitute the majority of the work, but can be utilized as an element within the work.

Can I include music?

Any music that is featured in your film must be either an original song or a royalty-free composition.

In what file format should I save my film?

Film submissions should be saved in .MP4, .MOV, or .WMV format.