Since 1995, VideoDanzaBA is a platform for divulging, learning, discussing, and developing networks about the artistic work around the axis body-technology in the broadest of senses.
With a strong accent on the exchange with Latin American countries, which lead to the establishment of the Latin American Videodance Forum (FLV), VideoDanzaBA has also developed residency plans with foreign organizations, such as South East Dance (UK) with the aim of increasing the research opportunities and the artistic exchange, in a framework that encourages diversity.
The festival has an Education Department, which invites residents from the Argentine Provinces and the Latin American countries through a scholarship programme. It also runs a Project Development LAB (LAB VD).
The festival has organised through its Academic Department the International Symposium on Videodance (SIV) with scholars from Brazil, Argentina, UK and USA. Highlighted papers of the Symposia have been published at the book “Terpsícore en ceros y unos. Ensayos de Videodanza” (Terpsichore in Zeros and Ones. Essays on Screendance. Ed Guadalquivir, Buenos Aires, 2010). These activities dialogue with the Educational Dept., sharing the idea of a synergy between critical thinking, action and social development.
Desde 1995, VideoDanzaBA se plantea como una plataforma de difusión, formación, reflexión y desarrollo de redes de las manifestaciones artísticas en torno al eje cuerpo-tecnología en sentido amplio. Con acento en el intercambio internacional, desarrolla planes de residencias con organizaciones extranjeras para fomentar la investigación y el intercambio artístico, en un marco que alienta la diversidad. Su programa de Formación apunta tanto a la formación y desarrollo profesional como a la extensión a la comunidad. La programación incluye espectáculos en vivo, proyecciones, muestras y charlas.
El Festival se propone como un puente de difusión y profesionalización del sector de la videodanza. Por medio de sus actividades intenta abarcar diversos objetivos: difundir proyecciones de artistas locales y de países vecinos, promover tutorías multidisciplinarias para la puesta en marcha de proyecto viables, la construcción de redes de trabajo y el acercamiento del arte a la comunidad.

Audience Award - Premio del Público
Best International short screendance (official selection) - Mejor videodanza cortometraje internacional (selección oficial)
Best Argentinean short screendance (official selection) - Mejor videodanza cortometraje argentino (selección oficial)
Best One Minute Screendance (official selection) - Mejor videodanza minuto (selección oficial)
RAFMA Award (Red Argentina de Festivales y Muestras Audiovisuales - Argentinean Film Festivals Network)
ADF Award (Directors of Photography Association)

Overall Rating
  • Fu LE

    Thanks for the double award, and the nice review on my film. A very nice and historical festival !

    January 2020
  • Paula Dreyer

    El festival más prestigioso de la Argentina!

    December 2019
  • SO wish we could have attended. Very thoughtful communication. Great care was taken to make sure our film screened successfully. Beautifully curated!

    December 2019
  • Richard James Allen

    Thank you. We were delighted to be part of this fascinating and thoughtful event with The Physical TV Company's film DIGITAL AFTERLIVES.

    December 2019
  • Robin Bisio

    Incredible fest! An amazing scope of events and point of view! Dazzling xox

    December 2019