The InFest Film Festival is a 2-day freak short film Festival which is held in Rubí, a city of asphalt, industry and smoke located in the Valles Occidental, a region located near Barcelona (Spain).

The InFest festival emerges as a firm and clear proposal: that Rubí be known as the Rubiwood of the Vallés district. During the last 9 years, InFest has organized the best possible short film experience: outdoors screenings, concerts, bar service and all kinds of activities related to cinema. What else can we ask for?

The InFest is devoted to showcase new short films (produced after year 2019) showing Sci-Fi, Fantastic, Freak and Horror elements. Short films cannot exceed 15 minutes length (credits excluded). Foreign films MUST be dubbed or subtitled in Spanish or Catalan, or the film will not be accepted.

In 2024, InFest will celebrate its 9th annual edition. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the InFest was moved to the amphitheater of The castle of Rubí ("El Castell"), a defensive construction from the 13th century, which can host public events with more than 2000 people. The amphitheater features seats, stage and bar! Jury Prize and Audience Award will receive 1000 and 250 euros, respectively.

The Festival organization will give the following awards:
1) Jury Award to “Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €1,000.
2) Jury Award to “Almost Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €250.
3) “Public Award InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €250.

La organización del festival concederá los siguientes premios:
1) Premio del Jurado al “Mejor cortometraje InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 1000€.
2) Premio del Jurado al “Casi mejor cortometraje InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 250€.
3) “Premio del Público InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 250€.


1. Short films of any nationality and language can participate.

2. Any person may participate without age restriction.

3. Each filmmaker may submit more than one work.

4. The submitted short films must be works of fiction, containing FANTASTIC, FREAK, SCI-FI and/or HORROR elements.

5. Short films cannot exceed 15 minutes (excluding the credits).

6. Short films with commentary or dialogue in languages other than Spanish or Catalan must be subtitled or dubbed in either of these two languages.

7. Short films that do not have the technical requirements for a good visualization will be rejected.

8. Short films made before January 1st, 2020 will not be accepted.

9. Works already submitted and selected as finalists in previous editions will not be admitted.

10. The deadline to submit short films ends on May 5th, 2024.

11. A copy of the short film must be submitted in digital format with a minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels, in any of these digital formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc… with the video encoded in H264 and audio in AAC.
Short films can be sent online through a file hosting service. In that case, the download link has to be sent to the email address
Any work can also be uploaded through digital platforms such as MOVIBETA, FESTHOME, CLICKFORTESTIVALS and FILMFREEWAY.

12. Shipping costs will be borne by the participants.

13. The festival organization and its jury will be in charge of selecting the works that will participate in the competition and the winners, respectively.

14. The Festival organization will award the following prizes:
a) Jury Award to “Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €1,000.
b) Jury Award to “Almost Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €250.
c) “Public Award InFest Rubí 2024” endowed with €250.
Prize money will be transferred to a bank account. The Festival organization will not cover in any case wire transfer fees to bank accounts outside the EU countries.

15. The winners will be announced at the end of the screening of the short films, during the closing gala ceremony scheduled for Saturday, July 6th, 2024.

16. The jury’s decision will be final. The organization reserves the right to state no winner in any category.

17. The organization may use fragments of the selected works for the diffusion of the festival in any media for an indefinite period of time. Not intended to commercialize.
18. All works will become part of the Festival’s video library and may be shown for non-commercial cultural and/or educational purposes.

19. All the short films produced in Catalonia that participate in the 9th edition of the InFest Festival will be automatically eligible for the TAC Award granted by the Federació d’entitats cinèfiles “Terror Arreu de Catalunya”.

20. Submitting a short film to the InFest Festival implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Any situation or incidence not foreseen in these Terms and Conditions will be solved according to the festival criteria. InFest is not responsible for the infringement of the intellectual property rights of the works presented.

21. The Organization, as the entity in charge of the celebration of the event, may modify any term and rule if deemed necessary.


1. El ámbito de participación es internacional.

2. Podrá participar cualquier persona sin restricción de edad.

3. No hay límite de obras presentadas por autor.

4. Las obras presentadas deben ser cortometrajes de ficción, de género FANTÁSTICO, FREAK, CIENCIA FICCIÓN y TERROR.

5. La duración de las obras no deberá superar los 15 minutos, excluyendo la duración de los créditos.

6. Si el idioma original de una obra no fuera castellano o catalán, se tendrán que presentar subtítulos en castellano o catalán, o deberá estar doblada a cualquiera de estos dos idiomas.

7. Toda producción que no ofrezca las garantías técnicas necesarias para una buena proyección puede ser rechazada.

8. No se admitirán cortometrajes realizados antes del 1 de enero de 2020.

9. No se aceptarán obras que hayan sido seleccionadas como “Finalistas” en ediciones anteriores del festival.

10. La fecha límite para entregar las obras será el 5 de Mayo del 2024.

11. Deberá entregarse una copia del cortometraje en formato digital con una resolución mínima de 1280x720 pixels, en cualquiera de estos formatos digitales: AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc… con el vídeo codificado en H264 y audio en AAC.

Se pueden enviar las obras on-line, mediante algún servicio de alojamiento de archivos. En este caso, será necesario enviar el link de descarga de la obra a la dirección de correo electrónico
Cualquier obra también se puede hacer llegar a la organización a través de plataformas digitales como MOVIBETA, FESTHOME, CLICK FOR FESTIVALS y FILMFREEWAY.

12. Los gastos de envío correrán por cuenta de los participantes.

13. La organización del festival y su jurado se encargarán de seleccionar las obras que participarán en concurso y de los premiados, respectivamente.

14. La organización del festival concederá los siguientes premios:

a) Premio del Jurado al “Mejor cortometraje InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 1.000€.

b) Premio del Jurado al “Casi mejor cortometraje InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 250€.

c) “Premio del Público InFest Rubí 2024” dotado con 250€.
El ingreso de cada una de estas cantidades se realizará por transferencia bancaria. La organización del festival no se hará cargo en ningún caso de las comisiones relativas a una transferencia de crédito a una cuenta corriente no europea. Para percibir la cantidad del premio será condición indispensable la emisión, por parte del ganador, de la factura correspondiente. No cumplir con este requisito implica el desistimiento del ganador a la percepción del importe.

15. Se nombrará a los ganadores al finalizar la proyección de los cortometrajes en la gala de clausura del Festival, programada para el sábado 6 de julio de 2024.

16. La decisión del jurado será inapelable. La organización se reserva la posibilidad de declarar el premio desierto.

17. La organización podrá utilizar fragmentos de las obras seleccionadas para la difusión del festival en cualquier medio de comunicación por tiempo indefinido. Sin ánimo de comercializar.

18. Todas las obras pasarán a formar parte de la videoteca del Festival y podrán ser presentadas con fines culturales y/o educativos, y en ningún caso comerciales.

19. Todos los cortometrajes de producción catalana que participen en la edición del InFest de este año optan automáticamente al Premio TAC que otorga la Federació d'entitats cinéfiles “Terror Arreu de Catalunya”.

20. La presentación de una obra audiovisual implica la total aceptación de estas bases. Cualquier situación o incidencia no prevista en estas bases, se solucionará según el criterio del festival. El InFest no se responsabiliza de la vulneración de los derechos de propiedad intelectual de las obras presentadas.

21. La organización se reserva el derecho a realizar alguna excepción con relación a estas normas en caso de considerarlo necesario.

Overall Rating
  • Ty Huffer

    I was unable to attend but the communication with the festival was awesome. They were very helpful when I needed to deliver subtitles for the first time. It was fun to follow the fest on social media. It looked like this year was a blast.

    I will continue to submit to InFest in the future!

    July 2023
  • Sean Wainsteim

    What an absolutely incredible festival! Alberto and the InFest team were so kind and welcoming from their very first correspondence. As you can tell from the photographs, this festival is such a passionate labour of love. Everyone goes all out and everything is put into making the experience super memorable for the filmmakers and the audience. I was so honoured to screen my short Demon Box to the amazing audiences! Highly recommended.

    July 2023
  • Connor Clarke

    InFest were very helpful with creating the Spanish translation and even provided me the translated file back for future festivals. Wonderful!

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    We were extremely happy to receive your short "Effigy", Connor. And the audience also enjoyed the film... except during certain scary moments! :-))

  • Nicholas Colla

    Amazing festival that we were fortunate enough to be a part of!

    July 2020
  • Matthew Barber

    Excellent festival. Honored to have had my short film Go Back screen at this year's fest!

    July 2020