"Filmaê", the first festival in latin america dedicated exclusively to films produced with mobile devices, had its first edition in 2018, when it showed 45 national films made exclusively with phones or tablets. The Festival is committed to the democratization of cinema by encouraging the use of smartphones as a means of capturing images so that a well-told story can get on the cinema screen. The festival has a Competitive Show, exclusively for national films, and a non-competitive show of international films. Furthermore, we promote, debates and workshops to capacitate and encourage mobile film production in our region.

The submissions on this platform are for the non-competitive international show only. There are no prizes awarded on this show and no screening-fees.

The submissions on this platform are for the non-competitive international show only. There are no prizes awarded on this show and no screening-fees.


Submissions for the competitive show (Brazilian movies only) opened in December 1st and will end in February 10th. Further information can be found in our website and social media: https://www.filmae.com.br/  

International Show

The festival exhibits a non-competitive international show, where mobile films from the entire world (except Brazil) will displayed. In 2020, the festival exhibited 22 short films of several countries. In 2023, we intend to expand our international panorama and broaden the content displayed in this session of the festival.

If you would like to exhibit your movie at our non-competitive international show, please send us your movie at international.filmae@gmail.com or through this platform.


1. Movie submissions are free and made online.

2. Only Films produced from January 2020 will be accepted. Films produced before 2020 will not be accepted.

3. Entries may be made here or through the Festival email ( international.filmae@gmail.com) from December 2022 until January 09th, 2023.

4. Films registered in the previous edition of the festival may not be rewritten.

5. There are no movie entry limits per director.

6. All cameras used in production MUST be smartphones, tablets or sport action cameras (eg GoPro). All movies must be in HD resolution or higher, widescreen format, or upright.

7. All production support equipment is allowed: external microphones, lens adaptable to capture equipment, tripods, lights etc.

8. Movie editing can be done on another platform. Auto-edit apps will not be allowed.

9. All production and creative work must be done exclusively by the team members. The use of third party images, photos and music is allowed if given written permission. Responsibility for any claim, lawsuit or dispute is the sole responsibility of the proponent of the film.

10. Entries must have a minimum duration of 1 minute and a maximum of 30 minutes, including crediting time.

11. This is a non competitive show. There are no awards, prizes nor screening-fees for the movies exhibited in our international show.

12. This show is for non-brazilian movies only.

Overall Rating
  • We were honored to have our short film selected for the international competition! Thank You!!

    June 2023