Festival Film Bahari is designed to give insight and knowledge all about coastal culture and sea life through films. This year's theme is Shifting Tides: Navigating Climate Changes. Join us for a captivating journey at the Festival Film Bahari VI, where we delve deep into the pressing global issue of climate change. This thought-provoking event brings together a collection of compelling films that shed light on the far-reaching impacts of climate change and the urgent need for collective action.

Our film festival aims to empower and inspire audiences to understand the dynamic relationship between human activities and the Earth's delicate ecosystems. Through a diverse selection of thoughtfully curated films, we explore the ripple effects of climate change on wildlife, landscapes, communities, and the planet as a whole.

This film festival not only seeks to raise awareness but also aims to ignite meaningful discussions and foster a sense of responsibility among our audience. Following each screening, engaging panel discussions and Q&A sessions will encourage attendees to explore actionable solutions and promote sustainable practices in their own lives.

"Shifting Tides: Navigating Climate Changes" serves as a platform for environmentalists, filmmakers, scientists, and concerned citizens to come together and spark a collective movement towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative experience, where art meets activism, and together, we set sail on a journey to navigate the changing tides of our planet's climate. Join us as we celebrate the power of film to inspire change and protect the beauty and diversity of our world for generations to come.

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Bahari Short

*Festival Film Bahari gives the non-monetary award. Selected films will be awarded digital certificates and laurel.


FESTIVAL FILM BAHARI OFFICIAL SELECTION is a Non- Competition Program for worldwide filmmakers, prepared with Indonesia subs and scheduled for live screenings. Please aware that most of the festival’s programs are free & open for public (with age rating guides). Selected films will be awarded digital certificates and laurel. The duration of the films is a maximum of 15 minutes including credit title, all genres accepted.

We seek a diverse range of films that effectively convey the complexities and impacts of climate change. The festival aims to curate a compelling lineup of films that engage and inspire audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the urgent environmental challenges we face.
By seeking films across these various genres and themes, the "Shifting Tides" Festival Film Bahari aims to present a well-rounded and impactful cinematic experience that encourages audiences to reflect on the urgency of climate change and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

*Please kindly note that only selected films with signed permission waiver will be screened in Festival Film Bahari 6.

Overall Rating
  • I am very grateful to have participated in such an important festival as this. What an honor! Much success to you and long live the festival.

    December 2023
  • Thanks so much for selected our short film Echoes From The Blue Meadow. Great festival.

    November 2023
  • I'm glad to be selected in the program. I think this is festival with distinct characteristic among other festival in Indonesia. The minus for me is about the programming and presentation. I think it is confusing a little bit. Many schedules, many venues (different location). Communication is not that good although not bad. They rarely contact the filmmaker and also not much publication or promotion at social media. Also no access to documentation, no audience report post festival? Hope the next event you getting better, guys.

    November 2023
  • Tina Wake

    Thanks for having us, great festival

    November 2023
  • Said Najmi

    I am honoured to have my film selected. Was such a great experience to attend the festival, really great team, hospitable, and a beautiful family.

    November 2023