Celebrate International Historical PRIDE on June 28 & 29, 2024 Through Independent Film & Media in Las Cruces, NM, USA

The 2024 edition of the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival (FBAFF) celebrates its 9th annual season and is accepting submissions. This two-day festival and screening exhibition is dedicated to showcasing film, video, and media arts that focus on women, gender, LGBTQ+ communities, BIPOC, and themes of positive social change.

The festival will also feature a concurrent zine fest on day 2, June 29, showcasing a variety of creative publications alongside film screenings. The event is free and open for the public to attend.

Through film, video, and media arts projects, we foster engagement that spans both U.S. and global contexts. Situated in southern New Mexico, less than 50 miles from the U.S./Mexico border, the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival (FBAFF) is deeply committed to examining and crossing boundaries.

2024 Featured Festival Guests:

Allyson Mitchell - Featured Artist: Engage with the visionary world of feminist and queer media and craft through Mitchell's dynamic work, including the iconic "Ladies Sasquatch" and the immersive "Kill Joy's Kastle." An advocate for using art as a form of social critique, Mitchell's installations invite viewers into a conversation on gender, sexuality, and identity, challenging social norms with her maximalist style. Join us in person as Mitchell discusses her creative journey, blending sculpture, installation, and film to formulate new narratives in contemporary media arts and culture.

Perrin Ireland - Featured Storyteller: Enter the fascinating intersection of art and science with Ireland, a visual storyteller who brings complex science events to life through a combination of research and creative expression in media arts and digital storytelling. From illustrating marine biology research at Brown University to creating impactful watercolor animations for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Ireland’s work bridges the gap between scientific insight and artistic expression. Join us in person as Ireland shares her journey and insights, offering new perspectives on storytelling at the nexus of art, science, gender & sexuality studies, and environmental advocacy.

Ryan Rox - Featured Filmmaker: Dive headfirst into a world crafted through Borderlands Latine nonbinary, trans, and queer storytelling with Rox's groundbreaking full-length feature debut, Hidden Flora, marking a significant milestone in regional filmmaking. Join Ryan and the film's cast for a live Q&A and reception following the screening.

Dr. Julia Smith - Featured Interdisciplinary Video Storyteller: Engage with a hybrid digital storytelling and video essay that reimagines gender and feminist digital media through a mesmerizing narrative fabric, challenging conventional tropes through filmic intervention.

Dr. Vanessa J. Aguilar - Featured Scholar in Speculative fiction, Bruja/Conjure Feminisms, Chicanx/Latinx Knowledge Production: Dr. Aguilar’s interdisciplinary background informs her approach to research and pedagogy. Her primary research centers on Chicanx/Latinx knowledge production in literature. Her role as co-curator for this year's festival draws on her multilayered expertise in South American, speculative, anti-colonial, and indigenous creative expressions.

Dr. Héctor Iglesias Pascual - Featured Scholar in Transnational LGBTQ+ Film and Media: Dr. Pascual's role as a co-curator focusing on transnational LGBTQ+ migration and experiences in film and media, with a particular expertise in documentary filmmaking, adds a critical and insightful dimension to the festival. His work will feature emerging Venezuelan filmmaker, Maria Millan and her documentary on global queer parenting.

Jillian Sandell - Featured Media Artist in Graphic Memoir: During cancer treatment in 2016, she was inspired by Lynda Barry’s daily journal activity and began drawing as a way to process her experiences. Before becoming an artist, Jillian taught gender studies for two decades and her work is shaped by a feminist sensibility – focusing on the politics of everyday life, including the aftermath of cancer treatment, living in the desert, environmental and food justice, grief, and love.

Jaimie Lee Peterson - Featured Media Artist in Graphic Memoir: Peterson is an art therapist, educator, artist, and graphic memoirist in Hunt, TX. She has a BFA in Painting from Art Institute Kansas City and MAAT from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Zine Fest:

Workshop: Participate in a hands-on media arts learning experience with NMSU UAM's OutsmART, an interactive workshop exploring the power of art to impact children’s everyday lives.

Panels: Join practitioners for engaging discussions. Explore the transformative roles that art and media play in shaping public consciousness and social movements.

Tabling: Discover a diverse array of zines and related media. Engage directly with creators, delve into their work, and take home a piece of the festival.

In addition to these highlighted projects, FBAFF 2024 will also feature curated programs of both U.S. and international short films, alongside a selection of feature films, further showcasing our commitment to a broad spectrum of perspectives and narratives.

The festival defines “feminist border arts” as a practice that challenges the limits of conventional representation through telling stories from the edge; threshold works that introduce different perspectives and ways of knowing. Selected pieces revive the promise of cinema and video as mediums of expression and creativity as well as social thought and intellectual awakening.

Our curatorial practice values both content and form, seeking works that push the boundaries of storytelling. We focus on the narratives, the methodologies of their telling, and consider the storytellers themselves.

We invite a wide range of submissions in the following categories:
• Animation and Mixed Media: Traditional or computer-generated animated films and multidisciplinary projects combining animation and other methods.
• Documentary: Non-fiction films that document reality.
• Essay Film: Films that explore topics from a personal or subjective perspective.
• Live-Action Narrative: Fictional films featuring live actors.
• Video and Performance Art: Arts performance videos or experimental video pieces.
• Experimental Film: Films that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and filmmaking.
• Digital Storytelling: Narratives that utilize digital platforms and technologies, including narrative-centered techniques, focusing on personal and community storytelling, to create impactful digital stories.
• Video Zines, Zinema, Zine Cinema, New Media Zines: Digital zine projects in video and media arts
• Digital Zines: We also welcome submissions of digital zines that align with the festival's themes and objectives.

We welcome submissions from student, independent, collaborative, and professional filmmakers, thinkers, and creators. FBA24 specializes in pieces 15 minutes or under and screens a select number of full-length features that are 40 to 90 minutes in duration during the festival.

If you are a filmmaker or represent a film that you believe qualifies for a fee waiver, please check the Rules & Terms section to learn how you can submit your film to the festival.

Submission Categories:
• Feature Films: Any genre, must be between 40-90 minutes.
• Documentary, Essay, Digital Storytelling Shorts: Non-fiction films, personal or subjective films, and digital narratives under 15 minutes.
• Animation and Mixed Media Shorts: Traditional or computer-generated animated films, as well as works that incorporate animation and other elements, under 15 minutes.
• Experimental, Performance, and Video Art: Films that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and filmmaking, including performance-based works and artistic video pieces, under 15 minutes.
• Video Zines, Zinema, Zine Cinema, New Media Zines (film, video, gif)
• Digital Zines: PDFs or links to digital zines that align with the festival's themes and objectives should be submitted to gensxprof@gmail.com.
• NMSU and Borderlands Region: This category is dedicated to works by filmmakers and creators who are either currently enrolled at NMSU, are from the Borderlands region, or have set and filmed their projects in these areas. The works can span any genre or form but should resonate with the themes and objectives of FBA24.

Selection Process: Submissions to FBA24 undergo a rigorous selection process. Our selection committee and reviewers are comprised of filmmakers, scholars, artists, activists, interested persons with expertise in film, media arts, gender and sexuality studies, and social justice. Their collective insights ensure that the works chosen for the festival meet our high standards for artistic innovation, social relevance, creative and critical thinking.

Judging Criteria: Submissions are evaluated based on a set of criteria that align with the mission and objectives of Feminist Border Arts and NMSU's Gender & Sexuality Studies. These criteria include but are not limited to:

• Innovation: Originality in form and content.
• Social Relevance: Significance in addressing issues related to gender, sexuality, social justice, and transformation.
• Storytelling Technique: Skill in the craft of storytelling, whether through film, digital media, or other forms.
• Thoughtful Exploration: Depth and nuance in exploring the subject matter, showing a well-considered approach and meaningful inquiry or narrative.
• Audience Engagement: Potential for fostering critical thought and dialogue among festival attendees.

Location and Dates: The 2024 season will be held at the New Mexico State University Art Museum during Pride Day weekend, on June 28th and 29th, in honor of the Stonewall Riots and in solidarity with other movements for positive social change.

FBA24 is where film, video, and digital storytelling come together with zines, comics, and analog media methods. Be sure to check out our categories for video zines and zinema (zines + cinema) as well as digital media zines. A separate call for analog zine tabling will occur through social media in Spring 2025. Stay updated by following us on Instagram & Threads (@genxprof), Twitter/X (@gensxprof), and Tiktok (@genxprof).

Filmmaker Participation: While FBAFF 2024 is unable to provide room, board, or travel accommodations for filmmakers, we highly encourage and value your presence and active participation in the festival. Your involvement enriches the dialogue and experience for all attendees. If your film has been selected for screening and you plan to attend, please let us know in advance so we can make the most of your presence at the event.

Las Cruces is conveniently located about 52 miles west of White Sands National Park. The drive typically takes just under an hour, making it easy for visitors to spend time exploring the gypsum dune fields of White Sands and the 2024 Feminist Border Arts Film and Zine Festival.

New Mexico has become a pivotal hub for filmmakers, celebrated for its landscapes and supportive local communities, as well as significant tax incentives that benefit film productions. We invite filmmakers and producers to check out Las Cruces and southern New Mexico for their next production, while they enjoy the festival.

Note: Festival and exhibition dates and the venue are subject to change under compelling circumstances. We are committed to providing a high-quality experience and will communicate any changes as soon as possible.

FBA24 is a highly selective festival and exhibition, with less than 1% of submissions making it to our curated program. Being featured in FBA24 is itself a recognition of your work's significance and its contribution to pushing boundaries in storytelling, representation, and social engagement.

Dynamic Categories
Our awards are not monetary but are deeply meaningful within the context of our festival's mission and the broader fields of feminist, queer, and social justice arts and scholarship. The categories of honors are dynamic and may vary each year to reflect the unique focus and ethos of that season's festival.

Categories of Honors
Director's Choice Awards: Selected by festival co-directors, these awards exemplify artistic innovation and social impact.
Audience Choice Awards: Selected by festival attendees, recognizing works that resonate with our diverse and engaged audiences.
Advisory Board Awards: Our advisory board selects winners based on criteria such as social relevance, artistic merit, and boundary-pushing creativity.

Special Recognition
In addition to these categories, special recognitions may be given for:
Outstanding Student Work
Innovative Storytelling Award
Social Impact Award

Note: The awards and categories are subject to change each year as we continually adapt and respond to the evolving landscape of feminist, queer, and social justice current issues, film & media arts, and research.

Before submitting your film, review these conditions:
1. Film directly addresses topics associated with women, genders, LGBTQIA+, social justice and transformation, disability, intersectionality, the environment, and/or transnational and global issues. Moreover, all films in any language need to contain English captions in order to be screened at the festival.
2. Film is an original work by filmmaker and can be legally shown by FBA and NMSU Gender and Sexuality Studies at the festival and its exhibition. As a note, make especially sure you are licensed or allowed to use all music, trademarks, and literary material in your film.
3. The submitter shall indemnify and hold harmless Feminist Border Arts, its organizers, and partners from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs) that may be incurred due to any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, or screening of the submitted work.
4. Accepted lengths for short films are 60 seconds to 15 minutes and and for full length are 40-90 minutes. T accepted production timeframe is post January 1, 2022 or within the last 2 years.
5. Entry reviewing fees are non-refundable. They are used to support festival.
6. If you are unable to pay the submission fee and believe that your film qualifies for a waiver, please use the code FBA24Waiver when submitting your film.
7. If your film is selected, it must be in digital format, and we will need to download a copy ASAP (MP4 or MOV).
8. Entries may have or suggest violence, sexual content, and language, but no people, animals, or creatures can or should be harmed in the making of your film.
9. If your film is selected, you maintain all your rights. However, you grant us permission to include it in the festival and exhibition programming, to archive it, and to use images and brief clips for promotional purposes, as well as for possible additional FBA screenings or festival tours for a period of 12 months or longer for “best of” style programming.
10. We welcome films in any language, but all films must include embedded English language captions, including films in English. We want to make sure films are as accessible as possible. We will request for all filmmakers to add subtitles or captions in English to their work if selected.
11. Multiple entries are welcome, but each must be submitted separately and is subject to its own submission fee.
12. Acceptance of your film does not automatically mean it will be exhibited. However, it remains an official selection of the festival. The festival and exhibition are only two days, which means we have limited screen time. But we also have satellite and showcase programming that offer the opportunity to screen more pieces for FBA24.
13. By submitting a film, the filmmaker(s), copyright, and distribution rights owners agree to have the film screened by FBA, if selected.
14. Provide a biography of the artist/filmmaker, along with details about the work, which should include the title, duration, production date, country of filming, a brief synopsis, and stills for promotional use.
15. FBA24 does not offer screening fees. By submitting through FilmFreeway you are agreeing to NOT request a screening fee as a requirement for your film's participation in FBA, if your film is selected.
16. Films that are publicly available online (without password protection or being unlisted) are not eligible for FBA24 live audience festival exhibition. However, a limited number of such works may be considered for online or other screenings supporting FBA programing.
17. Films in commercial distribution are not eligible for submission. However, such works may be considered for invited screenings and special events; please contact festival organizers at gensxprof@gmail.com with details.
18. Educational Use: By submitting your film, you grant FBA24 the non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and unlimited right to use the archived copies of your work for non-commercial educational purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, workshops, lectures, classroom use, and academic research. Please note that this is not guaranteed, and you may opt-out of this possibility by contacting the festival organizers at gensxprof@gmail.com.
19. Final Selection: The selection of films and other works by FBA24 is final and not subject to appeal. By submitting your work, you acknowledge and agree that you accept this condition.

Overall Rating
  • Amazing festival. Glad to be part of it!

    July 2022
  • Jaimi Qiu

    Thank you so much for selecting my film!

    July 2022
  • Honored to have had my work show in this festival two different times. The variety of the programming is excellent and engages with many important themes and topics. Highly recommend submitting your film!

    July 2022
  • Great festival - thank you for letting me be part of it!

    July 2022
  • Fernanda Besné

    I have a very good experience, All the communication was very clear and i has very grateful with the festival and the University. Thanks again, was a great reception.
    For the documentary was the first time in New Mexico and was so cool because all the issues about migration is a good place to made a dialogue.

    August 2020