Welcome to the Female Voices Film Festival, where we are dedicated to providing a dynamic platform for female artists to showcase their remarkable work. Our event will feature an impressive lineup of short films created by talented women, engaging Q&A sessions, enlightening educational panels, and a grand Award Ceremony to conclude the festivities.

Our esteemed panel of industry judges comprises Emmy Award winners and Oscar-nominated producers, ensuring the highest level of recognition for exceptional talent.

At Female Voices Film Festival, we proudly celebrate films that amplify the voices of female directors, writers, producers, and protagonists. We enthusiastically welcome submissions from both domestic and international filmmakers that meet the following criteria:

- Films must have at least two of the following creative roles filled by women: Director(s), Writer(s), Cinematographer(s), Producer(s), Composer, SFX Artist, Editor, Production Designer, and/or lead talent.
- Screenplays must be authored by women.

Please note that films not meeting these criteria will regrettably be disqualified, and no refunds will be issued. We look forward to celebrating the powerful and diverse stories brought to life by female voices in the world of cinema at our festival. Join us in championing the artistry and creativity of women in film!

At Female Voices Film Festival, we believe in recognizing and celebrating exceptional talent. In 2024, our winners will not only receive a beautifully crafted trophy symbolizing their achievement but will also benefit from extensive exposure and networking opportunities within the industry.

Each winner will be prominently featured across our vibrant social media channels.

Furthermore, we're excited to share that our winners will gain exclusive access to a range of exciting opportunities as they emerge throughout the year. While we are still finalizing the details for our 2024 prizes, rest assured that they will be designed to propel your career in film to new heights.

Join us at Female Voices Film Festival, not just for a chance to win, but for the invaluable recognition, exposure, and opportunities that can help shape your journey in the world of cinema. Stay tuned for updates on our 2024 prize offerings.

Rules, Terms, and Conditions

By submitting your entry to Female Voices Film Festival (FVR), you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following rules and conditions:

1. No Refund Policy: Entry fees are non-refundable, and no refund requests will be entertained.

2. Judging Decisions: All decisions made by our judges, programmers, and organizers are final and at their sole discretion.

3. Confidentiality: FVR retains the right to maintain confidentiality regarding the identities of screeners or judges, feedback on submissions, and details of the selection process.

4. Disclaimer: FVR disclaims any liability for comments, notes, or opinions expressed about a submission, whether by FVR Festival judges or volunteers.

5. Eligibility: To qualify, films must have at least two different specified creative roles fulfilled by women, which can include Director(s), Writer(s), Cinematographer(s), Producer(s), Composer, SFX Artist, Editor, Production Designer, and/or lead talent. Unproduced screenplays or TV pilots must be written by women.

6. Submission Format: Films must be submitted as online streaming videos via the participating submission platform, FilmFreeway. They should not be publicly available online.

7. Film Length: Submissions should have a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

8. Digital Format: You must provide your film as a digital download for submissions. DCPs may be required for theatrical exhibition.

9. Updated Cuts: We encourage filmmakers to submit their fully finished films, as we will judge each submission as a completed work. Submissions won't be updated with more recent cuts, except in extreme extenuating circumstances.

10. Material Responsibility: FVR and affiliates are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to submitted materials.

11. Exclusive Rights: You must hold exclusive rights to your film and all relevant releases, including actor's image, location image, trademarked or copyrighted image, and music.

12. Shipping: You are responsible for all shipping costs and the risk of loss during transportation.

13. Exhibition Rights: By submitting your entry, you grant FVR the right to exhibit your film during its festivals, regardless of subsequent distribution deals. Clips and promotional material may be used for publicity.

14. Promotional Use: You authorize the use of your name, likeness, voice, and photograph for promotional and advertising purposes in any medium worldwide.

15. Screening Fees: FVR does not pay screening fees.

16. Indemnification: By submitting an entry, you agree to indemnify and hold FVR and its affiliates harmless from any claims, damages, expenses, costs, and liabilities arising from your film, materials submitted, or your conduct during the festival.

17. No Refunds: FVR does not issue refunds for any reason, including but not limited to illness, acts of nature, travel issues, acts of terrorism, pandemic, loss of employment, or duplicate purchases.

By submitting your entry, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of these Rules, Terms, and Conditions set forth by Female Voices Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Jo Steinhart

    Female Voices Rock is an amazing festival run by a super hardworking team of passionate, thoughtful people who put together an incredible lineup of films. I loved that they kept all of the programming to one weekend and one location, so there were no conflicting screenings happening at the same time, meaning that everyone basically went to everything so every film had a completely full house! The commitment to showcasing a wide variety of genres and valuing diversity in every way made this festival really special. I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it!

    June 2023
  • Eunice Levis

    What an amazing festival! The programming, venues, panels and films were all high quality and thoughtfully curated. I am so honored "Ro & the Stardust" screened here and cannot wait to attend next year!

    May 2023
  • Jessica Sherif

    Such a great festival!! They were so communicative and supportive, especially in the middle of the pandemic, and featured fantastic selections of female led films. Will definitely apply again!

    May 2022
  • Karoline Xu

    Such a wonderful and special festival experience! We are so grateful to the FVR team for their passion and dedication, and would recommend this festival experience tenfold!

    February 2022
  • This was one of my favorite festivals and I've been to dozens! From the great communication from beginning to end, to the fancy yet down to earth events, it was all around phenomenal. There was also such a dynamic range of work presented as well as an incredly impressive lineup of filmmakers present to network with. And I thought I was going to be surrounded by majority women, but it was a great mix of wildly powerful women and radical allies of all other genders. I met so many amazing people that I feel I've made lasting bonds with just in those few short days. It's definitely worth it! <333 .. And did I mention free drinks every night! Yeah, that was a definite plus too! Lol! ^.^

    January 2022