the festival aims to support all the filmmakers all over the world, give them the chance to screen their films in London and Egypt as well
, also the best films will be considered to take part in other festivals in Europe and the Middle East as well.

this year will be our 7th edition in London and Egypt as well.

The organizers work in the film industry for more than 13 years.

The Founder of the Festival Maggie Anwer works as a filmmaker for more than 13 years, kindly find below more info about our president

Best short film
Best long Film
jury's award
Student Award
Best Scriptwriting ( comedy, Horror, Tv pilot,drama,fiction,Documentary,Docudrama,animation)
Best photo (food,sports,people,events,architect,adv, poster,nature,book,fineart,film)
Music content (genre)*italian,Spanish,french,arabic,etc

-the short film maximum of 30 minutes
-long films more than 30
-documentary,fiction,animation,musical,advertising,experimental and sci-fi
-all countries are welcome
-production year from 2019