Fantoche and the Swissfilm Association are looking for the best Swiss animated commissioned films of the last year. The Swiss Animation Industry Award (SAIA in short) aims to showcase the Swiss commercial and commissioned animation landscape in all its different shapes and forms.

The SAIA will present extraordinary animated commercials, interesting productions and discussions with important experts of the industry.

Together with our partner Swissfilm Association the selected clip will be shortlisted at the Edi.23 award.

Edi. the award for Swiss commissioned and commercial films is a quality distinction for commissioned, commercial, industry and company films. The competition is held under the patronage of the Federal Departement of Home Affairs and is carried out by Swissfilm Association for the 25th time this year.

Curators: Amélie Cochet & Veronica L. Montaño
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The winning film will receive an award and free entry including one for the Special Edi at Edi.23, the Swiss Commissioned and Commercial Film Award, as well as a Fantoche Trophy for the best Swiss animated commissioned film.

(Should the winning submission already be submitted to Edi.23 the entry fee will be reimbursed).

• No submission limit: you can submit as many works as you like
• No time constraints. Longer entries can be presented in shorter edits or summaries.
• Submissions are free of charge
• Film descriptions and client brief max. 500 characters (an example of a client brief can be found here
• Submit a JPG, PNG of your company logo
• A jury of experts will judge all submissions and select a shortlist as well as a winner

IMPORTANT: The films have to follow the guidelines and rules of Swiss Animation Industry Award otherwise they risk to be disqualified to be nominated.

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Guidlines FR: