We excited to announce the the Fantasy Film Festival in Paris - Le Festival du Film du Fantasme! An opportunity for regional and international filmmakers to release their imagination.

The Fantasy Film Festival team wants to meet, inspire and support the next pioneers of Fantasy, Science fiction and drama genres.

The Fantasy Film Festival is the first of its genre in Paris.

The FFF Lab exists to provide huge opportunities for filmmakers, producers and festival goers discussions, feedback on your work, workshops, and future support for your project.

The Fantasy Film Festival accepts Shorts, Features, Animations, Scripts, Works in Development, Web Series, music videos and VR.

Our focus will be to provide live, interactive entertainment throughout the entire festival. We want people to feel like there are things to do and see at every turn.

Aside from all of the above, you will be able to forge connections with your attending peers interested and working in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It will be a day packed with insight, all developed so you may take your work, and ultimately your career, further!

Français :
Lancé en juin 2021, le Festival des Fantasmes s'organisera cette fois-ci physiquement, à Paris, pour permettre à un grand nombre de personnes de découvrir ou redécouvrir cet univers, mais également aux cinéastes, producteurs et festivaliers d'échanger sur leur film.

Le Fantasy Film Festival, ce sont aussi des courts-métrages, des longs métrages, des animations, des scripts, des séries Web, des clips musicaux, de la réalité virtuelle ou encore des documentaires. L'objectif est de fournir des divertissements interactifs, tout au long du festival pour faire des choses, et les voir à chaque tournant. La vocation consiste à s'intéresser à tous les aspects de notre société sans a priori. Histoire d'amour, homosexualité, sexe, drames, désillusions, passions, contradictions, sans tabous !

Si le fantastique fascine, le fantasme effraie et fanatise à la fois. Il s'immisce sur des plateaux télé, s'expose dans les clips, dans la publicité, se télécharge sur les nouvelles technologies et le numérique. Le rêve n'est justement pas dans les rouages des chaînes de fabrication car on fantasme. On désire aussi ce qui nous manque, et l'on finit par insulter ce qu'on ne peut avoir avec envie et rage.

English :
- Short Film Sci-Fi
- Short Film Fantasy
- Short Film Drama
- Short Film Erotic
- Short Film Horror
- Feature Film Sexual
- Feature Film Sci-Fi
- Feature Film Fantasy
- Feature Film Drama
- Feature Film Erotic
- Animation (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)
- Web Series (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)
- Short Scripts (Science Fiction, Drama and Fantasy genre)
- VR - 360 Virtual Reality Creative Content (Science Fiction and Fantasy genre)
- Best Actress Award
- Best Actor Award
-Best Film
-Best Sound
-Best Director
-Best cinematography

Français :
- Animation
- Court-métrage Erotique
- Court-métrage Drame
- Court-métrage Fantastique
- Court-métrage Science-Fiction
- Court-métrage Horreur
- Documentaire
- Long-métrage
- Series Web (Tout genre confondu)
- Compétition de scénario
- VR - Réalité virtuelle
- Prix d'interpretation féminine
- Prix d'interpretation masculine
- Meilleur Son
- Meilleur Film

English :
- We accept all films, scripts, and treatments at any length specific to this genre.
- Proudly, there is NO restrictions on your work. This includes its premiere status, profane language or offensive imagery, its age and/or whether your work has been made available online.
- All conceivable approaches – including experimental, narrative, and animated– are acceptable. The shorts can be shot in any film or video format, in either color or black-and-white.
- English or French subtitles are a must for the selections.
- If the movie is "nominee", this does not mean that the movie is selected. This means that your movie was chosen to next round.
- No refunds are applicable.
- The Selected movie will grant the director only 1 Free Pass to the whole Film Festival. The Film Festival will not give free access to all the crew and the actors.

Français :
- Nous acceptons tous les films, scripts et traitements de n'importe quelle durée spécifiques à ce genre.
- Fièrement, il n'y a AUCUNE restriction sur votre travail. Cela inclut son statut de première, son langage profane ou ses images offensantes, son âge et/ou si votre travail a été rendu disponible en ligne.
- Toutes les approches imaginables - y compris expérimentales, narratives et animées - sont acceptables. Les courts métrages peuvent être tournés dans n'importe quel format de film ou de vidéo, en couleur ou en noir et blanc.
- Les sous-titres anglais ou français sont indispensables pour la première phase des sélections.
- Si le film est 'nominé', ca veut dire le film passe à la deuxième phase des sélections. Ca ne voudrait pas dire que le film est sélectionné.
- Pas de remboursements possible.

Overall Rating
  • Jenna Provost

    Awesome festival, I am so honoured to have been a part of it!

    June 2022
  • Joseph Cornelison

    A fantastic festival run by great folks. Very well organized in a superb venue. Great communication throughout. Honored to be included.

    June 2022
  • Out of all of the film festivals I've attended over the past decade, The Fantasy Film Festival (Le Festival du Film du Fantasme) is my personal favorite -- and not just because it's held in Paris. The team running this festival, especially Gauthier RAAD and Dineta Williams-Trigg, is superb and they do a fantastic job hosting filmmakers (to include cast and crew), setting up and conducting interviews with them, and also moderating very thoughtful Q&A sessions following each film block. The venue itself, which was in one of the halls at Le Grand Rex (Hall 7, or the "Tron Hall," I think) and had a private entrance from the street, was truly a memorable one. I could even have purchased a reasonably priced bottle of champagne to go with my popcorn, if I'd been so inclined. Also, as one of the only genre-driven film festivals in France, The Fantasy Film Festival screened an impressive array of horror, science fiction, fantasy, animation, erotica, and sexual fiction (as well as documentaries) that celebrated diversity, inclusion, and bold cinematic visions. I was honored to have had my animated short screen among so much talent and would gladly submit again! Another thing I really appreciated about the festival was that the first film block each day didn't start until 2pm so that one could have time to go out and explore the city in the morning -- or have ample time to recover from a night out on the town. Five stars all the way!

    June 2022
  • Michael Bartlett

    The care and attention given our film by this wonderful festival in Paris exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend, but that didn't dampen the the festival's interest in our production, and the online interviews were both smart and fun.

    June 2022
  • Tony Olsen

    The kiwi crew of Aotearoa New Zealand short film HOT WOOL (screening as LAINE CHAUDE) were thrilled to participate in the 2022 edition of Le Festival du Film du Fantasme. We were both surprised and very honoured to win the Meilleur Film Fantastique/Best Fantastic Film award. Merci to Festival Co-Directors Gauthier Raad and Dineta Williams-Trigg for the opportunity to share our picture with a French audience. Remerciement spécial to jurors Mi Kwan Lock and Amélie Prévot for their comments at the awards Soirée de Cloture – your review of our film was insightful, humbling and incredibly encouraging. Merci beaucoup 😊

    June 2022