Fantasy Filmfest is one of the largest film-events in Germany swell as a renowned platform for genre titles and very much supported by the local film industry. Fantasy Filmfest is based on a traveling concept touring 7 major German cities September each year.

Our program’s focus is on a hand-picked and high quality selection of about 40 features and 10 short films. The continuously increasing number of visitors confirms the festival’s reputation as one of the biggest genre events worldwide.

Fantasy Filmfest is well-respected among distributors for being a link between them and producers as well as sales companies. German buyers and distribution companies consider the festival an extraordinary market and a promotional opportunity, often attending each festival city to get an up close impression of the audience’s reaction. It is therefore considered an important nationwide event and a testing ground for audience reception. It is not uncommon for films to get picked up by German distributors after inclusion in the festival’s program.

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Get Shorty Audience Award - 2.000 Euro

Fresh Blood Award - 1st/2nd feature

The 38th FANTASY FILMFEST will take place in September 2023 touring seven German cities (München, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt, Köln, Nürnberg).

FANTASY FILMFEST accepts lms in the following categories: science fiction, horror, thriller, black comedy, animation and animé, fantasy and action adventure.

About 40 features and 10 shorts in a digital (DCP, Pro Res) are selected by invitation. Each selected lm will be screened in each festival city.

Due to the high number of entries, we ask that the submitted work has not been shown in Germany previously. Any theatrical, DVD or video release, and any television or festival screenings in Germany prior to the festival generally disqualify a lm from entry.

Features and short films in any language other than English or German must be subtitled either in English or German unless dialogue or commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation of the lm.

The festival pays no rental fees. We choose to invest our resources in producing the best possible marketplace for your work by promoting it as much as possible, and by closely cooperating with world sales agents, producers and buyers.

FANTASY FILMFEST is a competitive festival. The winner of the competition (FRESH BLOOD section for director’s 1st or 2nd feature length) is selected by the audience.

Every film must be seen by the programming committee in advance. A preview online Screening Link must be received no later than July 30. All screeners must be labeled with the lm title, running time and contact address.

Shipping costs will be covered by the festival, unless the screening material is shipped to or from another festival. In this case FANTASY FILMFEST covers oneway shipment only. In case of loss or damage during the festival, the responsibility of the festival is limited to the cost for repair or replacement of the screening material. The festival is not responsible for loss or damage of lm entries during shipment to or from the festival.

Once a film is selected, it may not be withdrawn. Completion of the festival confirmation form (official film invitation) implies unconditional acceptance of all festival regulations and guarantees festival participation.