Holding our REDUCED ENTRY FEES for year 8!!

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The FantaSci Short Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to short (20 minutes and under) fantasy and sci-fi films. Like you, we're filmmakers ourselves. So we know there's a dearth of outlets to get your passion projects seen.

We are a founding member of the Best of Film Fest family (http://bestoffilmfest.com/).We have live screening blocks of only the best, award winning films chosen by our judges.

With the global pandemic improving, we are planning on returning to our live screenings! We also have a gala streaming awards event! Be sure to watch last years awards on our web site.

We'll have lots of categories from comedy and drama to fan films, even machinima! Here's an idea of the categories we'll have:

Best of the Fest
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Action
Best Use of Genre
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Ensemble
Best VFX
Best Sound
Best Sound Design
Best Music
Best Cinematography
Best Costumes
Best Make-Up
Best Set Design
Best Teen Film
Best Fan Film
Best Machinima
Best 3D Animation
Best Fantasy
Best Horror
The William Shatner Indie Auteur Award
Audience Choice Award
The Judy Lawrence Memorial Award

All films must be 20 minutes or less.

As our name implies, we only accept films in the fantasy or sci-fi genres. We are not a horror festival, but there is certainly some cross-over. To that end, we have a horror category, as well. Feel free to submit your horror films. And genre-oriented docs, too!

You must own all the rights to your film and hold this festival harmless against any and all claims. Also, by submitting your film to our festival you give us permission to use stills or clips for promotional purposes, such as promo trailers, awards reels, web site images, etc.

Overall Rating

    It was an honour to participate in a Festival such as this - the quality of the attention given was outstanding, and how easy they made the whole process of being a part of it felt really generous. Even though we couldn't be there personally, they arranged a video call so we could participate in some way. Hope participate (and visit) in the future!

    May 2024
  • Felipe Escalante Anduiza

    It was a great experience for us.

    May 2024
  • Kaylin Allshouse

    Yeah!!! This festival was great! It's a chill time hanging out in a brewery with like minded sci fi and fantasy creators - even a DMC DeLorean joined us outside the venue. Would absolutely recommend.

    September 2023
  • Anastasia Tota

    Thank you for selecting Lullaby Backup! It was a pleasure and honor to participate to the Fantasci Short Film Festival. I hope I can share soon some other creation with you!

    August 2023
  • Noemi Lopez

    Got an email that my film "The Laundry Machine" was selected and got access to download the laurels but then never heard back from the team if it was screening or not... not happy with the communication process. Wish someone reached out with updates on this to have a better idea what happen.

    June 2023
    Fantasci logo tight
    Response from festival:

    Apologies. We keep up-to-date via our social channels (Twitter and FB). We will try harder moving forward!