Fake Flesh Film Festival is accepting bgrade horror films 10 minutes or less for our October awards show.
We show and judge horror films just before Halloween, with emphasis on practical SFX.

you will be disqualified if you are stealing music, if you put the exorcist music as your main soundtrack we are not interested.

Best Practical Special Effect.
Best Short Horror Film
Best "Thing" in a Horror movie
Sweetest Horror Death
Best movie soundtrack
Fan Favorite

At the moment - no sponsors

Free to enter.
Selected films from all categories will be presented to the public at the 10th annual Fake Flesh Film Festival (FFFF11) scheduled for Oct 27 2024.
ANY films that publicly broadcast, distributed, or exhibited before our submissions open date of this film fest are ineligible.
Any digital broadcast available to audiences (including via a non-password protected website, whether commercial or personal, e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, etc. is ineligible.
Any project that is available commercially or pay-per-view in the US are ineligible
Films invited to participate in any of our film festivals to be shown in any section of the film will be determined by Festival programmers.
We are a horror film festival and well let you get away with almost anything, but we want no part of films with images of child abuse and sexual depictions of minors. or animal abuse.
We may also post your movie if selected in our patreon or other similar app.

Overall Rating
  • Barry Sangster

    Getting selected for this festival was humbling when we saw the company we were in. A festival of like minded creeps.

    November 2023
  • Warren Dean Fulton

    Fantastic Fake Flesh Film Festival. An interesting array of horror shorts from a wide range of filmmakers, film styles. Really enjoyed the screenings. And the Venue, incredible. The Night Shift on 5th Ave in downtown Kamloops. Great staff, cool atmosphere, such a terrific experience. I will submit again, and attend next year.

    October 2023
  • melisa film

    Thanks for selecting our Parallel Stellar.

    February 2019
  • Brian Nestor

    They treated me very well and made the process easy for film makers. I highly recommend this Film Festival to everyone.

    December 2017
  • Gianluca Bertone

    where has the site gone?

    November 2017