We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please email James at creative@fairearthfoundation.org if you have any questions.

The Fair Earth Foundation is offering the chance for young creative minds to be part of something bigger!

We are offering two prizes, The Creative Entrepreneurs fund and the Dare2Dream Prize.

For more in depth information on these prizes, please visit http://www.theleff.org/creative-entrepreneurship.html

The Creative Entrepreneurs Fund

We want you to grasp the opportunity of a lifetime and start-up that business you've always dreamed of. One inspirational entrepreneur will win £10,000 and mentor-ship to start up their own company with an environmental focus.

The Dare2Dream Prize

Turn your creative ideas into a reality with our Dare2Dream prize. We will facilitate one young creative mind to fulfil their idea. We will support one brilliant idea from the following categories:

- Film Making
- Photography
- Illustration
- Story Telling
- Graphic Design
- Music
- Poetry/ Spoken Word

We are especially interested in funding ideas that focus on specific themes, such as the impact of Coronavirus on everyday lives, environmental causes, art & nature, poverty, disadvantage, discrimination and human rights but any and all ideas are accepted.

For each Prize, five shortlisted entries will be shown at The London Eco Film Festival (part of the Fair Earth Foundation Family), held in March 2021, and the winner will be chosen at the festival by a panel of judges.


To be considered for either of these prizes, please submit a video of length less than five minutes that includes the following:

1.) Who you are - what’s your background, what are your inspirations?
2.) The idea - what do you hope to achieve?
3.) How you will use the funding? **For the entrepreneurs fund, we need a breakdown of where you would invest the £10,000 and how you are going to generate returns to sustain the business.**
4.) If applying for the Creative Entrepreneurs Fund, we want to know how you will benefit from the mentorship offered; tell us how you will work with your mentor to further your business, and how you will use their expertise to sustainably grow and maintain your company.
5.) You will need to detail how you plan to ensure that your business or creative idea will be sustainable, after initial support from the Fair Earth Foundation.

The Creative Entrepreneurs Fund - £10,000 Grant to set-up your company with the assistance of a mentor who is an expert in your field.

Dare2Dream Prize - Facilitation of your creative idea in one of the seven categories:

- Film Making. We will help fund the film-making process, and the final film, once edited, will be shown at next year's London Eco Film Festival to an audience in the thousands, and will eligible for our prestigious film awards.

- Photography. The prize could include a funded trip to Tenerife to develop your skills, or funding for a trip if you have specialist photography interests. The winner will also be showcased at the London Eco Film Festival, with all print costs covered.

- Illustration. Be paired with our winning author and work together on a book! 1000 copies will be printed and 50% of the profits will go to the author and illustrator, and 50% will be donated to The Fair Earth Foundations global citizenship programme (https://www.fairearthfoundation.org/global-citizenship.html)

- Story Telling. Be paired with our winning illustrator and get your story published! Our offering is of 1000 copies of your story, with 50% of the profits to you and your illustrator, and 50% to The Fair Earth Foundations' global citizenship programme (https://www.fairearthfoundation.org/global-citizenship.html)

- Graphic Design. For any aspiring graphic designer, we are offering £50 for any logo adopted for the following areas of The Fair Earth Foundation:
- Art & Nature
- Global Citizenship
- Fair Earth Foundation
- The London Eco Film Festival ( The LEFF). Entries of logos should be submitted to
Laura at enterprise@fairearthfoundation.org.

- Music. Studio time, a CD and help promoting the finished sound is our offering for any aspiring musician, we want to hear your sound!

- Poetry/ Spoken Word. For any aspiring poet, we will publish a collection of poems/thoughts and the opportunity to read to an audience of thousands at The London Eco Film Festival.

All videos must be less than 5 minutes in length. We are committed to showcasing the most innovative and creative young minds in the country and inspire change. Films with a focus on the environment, the post-covid world, and unrepresented groups will be regarded highly.