Here's your chance to be a part of the 13th Annual Fabulous Independent Film Festival. This is Sarasota's only LGBTQ+ film festival. The Fabulous Independent Film Festival is produced by the Harvey Milk Festival, now known as the Fabulous Arts Foundation.
Each full length film is presented once, preceded by a short film, making each screening unique.

We are looking for Fabulous Shorts or Feature length Films! Your short or feature will set the mood for each audience's viewing. See below for rules, and be sure to submit your film by August 17th!
Dates for our two week festival are 9/22- 10/1. Special selection of films will be in-person as well as special screenings via our channel with Eventive.

Each short or feature length film should represent the mission of the Fabulous Arts Foundation, aka Harvey Milk Festival.

Fabulous Arts Foundation fosters the arts as a catalyst for social change and to heal, while amplifying LGBTQ+ people.

The LGBTQ+ community through the arts. The Fabulous Independent Film Festival is a facet of our yearly programing intended to engage emerging artistic talent and bring poignant, humorous, and honest representations of LGBTQ+ individuals to the silver screen.

Length of short . Length of feature film- no time limit

Screening: Selected films will be shown once.

Format: DCP preferred, options available

Submission fee: $10

Note: We reserve the right to present the films according to our schedule and available time slots. In no way are we obligated to present any film submitted. All filmmakers will be notified if their film has been accepted by August 30th.

Overall Rating
  • Brandon Krajewski

    Shannon and her team were very clear communicators from the start. This is in stark contrast to so many festivals which don’t even send you a boiler plate rejection letter anymore, you just get an email from Film Freeway notifying you that the judging status has been changed to “Not Selected.” Thankfully, my film Stone | Fruit was included in the festival and they were champs about setting things up online for the first time and things ran smoothly. The festival was virtual in 2020 due to Covid-19, so I can’t speak to what an in person gathering was like. But I imagine if the friendliness and professional level were translated to an in-person event, it would be a great fest to attend. I so wish I could have. Definitely include it in your queer circuit submissions.

    October 2020
  • Jill Shinefield

    With so many film festivals cancelling and postponing, we tip our hat to the Fabulous Independent Film Festival for staying the course and making the bold switch to an online festival this year. There was a slate of wonderful films that needed to be seen –and were available to be seen in virtual mode. Thanks again to Shannon and her team for pulling off an amazing event.

    October 2020
  • Eiraj Afkar

    I am grateful to the festival for festival

    January 2017