FOR THIS EARTH is an eco-arts festival located in the greater Boston area. The event includes live dance performance, a pop-up gallery, and a SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL. FOR THIS EARTH is produced by Liquid Spine, a global dance series that seeks to unearth the environmental needs of our water systems through movement, community, and conversation.

All performances, visual works, and films utilize the power of movement to illuminate, unearth, and comment on one or more of the following themes:
-The impacts of climate change
-The beauty of our natural world
-The connection between land, place, and people
-Environmental justice
-Environmental Activism
-Indigenous Wisdom and Storytelling
-Site-Sensitive dance in nature

FOR THIS EARTH seeks to uplift film and movement artists that utilize their mediums to generate awareness, spark change, and pursue global action regarding the protection of our earth, environment, and its flora and fauna.

We accept film short submissions between 2 and 25 minutes in length. Submissions must address one or more of the themes above, while utilizing the power of dance and film to generate awareness, enlighten perspectives, and tell stories. At this time, we are not accepting footage of works made for the stage. Only works made specifically for the lens will be considered.

We recognize that "dance" is a word with a broad definition. We accept works that utilize the body and its journey through/with space, time, and energy of many movement forms, dance styles, and embodied practices.

A portion of our ticketing profits will be donated to a charity, with an environmental mission. The film awarded "Best of the Festival" will receive the honor of selecting the chosen charity with FOR THIS EARTH Screendance Festival Director and Co-Curators.

1. Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway.

2. Films submitted must be from no earlier than January, 2021. Films made before that date will not be up for consideration.

3. Submission fees must be made at the time of submission and are non-refundable.

4. Proposed films should not exceed 25 minutes in length. ‚ÄčIf your film is selected, you must provide a downloadable high-resolution file (1080p) or download-able link upon selection.

5. You may submit one film proposal per application fee. You are welcome to submit more than one application.

6. All commercial/private property including all trademark/copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project, including music, is the responsibility of the filmmaker. FOR THIS EARTH - Screendance Festival, its Director, Curators, and associated venues will not take responsibility for any infringement of copywritten materials.

7. No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its participation has been publicized.

6. By submitting your film, you grant FOR THIS EARTH - Screendance Festival the rights to use clips of your film in any promotional materials, on our website, and social media.

7. If your film is accepted, you agree to share a film poster and film stills with FOR THIS EARTH - Screendance Festival and grant us the right to use these images in any promotional materials, on our website, and on social media.